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I built my own with a Bison Armory barrel and it is dead nutz accurate. I took 2 big does with it last year. I have no doubt they are very effective on hogs. probably get into some of them here soon. The area I deer hunt is getting a pretty good infestation of them.
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Bison Armory rocks.......

I have 3 friends that also bought one after they saw and shot mine......

Very very accurate
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If you haven't, you should try some of the Federal Fusion MSR 115 gr bonded soft points. They are scary accurate and are reported to be deadly on game.
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I will have to try the fusions

My best bullets are the 120g SST Hornady and 110 sierra prohunter....
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Actually what happened to Remington was they were bought by a Euro trash financial investment group that started playing the anti black gun bugaloo with a a CA educators union pension plan. Swore to the unions they were going to get rid of any investments in bad black guns. Remington is in bankruptcy trying to keep its tail feathers from being singed. CT Supreme Court allowed the Sandy Hook lawsuits against Remington / Bushmaster to go forward in April, contrary to federal statutes protecting manafacturers from such suits. I do not buy new Freedom Group anything, by the way.
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Yeah, but my friend who works at the arms, got me 1K rounds of 6.8 for an excellent price. I was born in Ilion by the way and my Grandfather and Uncle both retired from "The Arms" as it is called locally. My 6.8 Mini Loved that 1K ammo..
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As a 68 year old that grew up with them, it's sad to see what happened to Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster and DPMS when Cerberus took them over.

I own two AR's: a .223 Wylde and a 6.8 SPC II. They both have 24" SS bull barrels, are heavy as hell, but shoot tight groups at slightly higher velocities than shorter profile barrels I've had. The .223 is on an Anderson lower with an A2 butt stock and the 6.8 is on a PSA lower with the same. Because they are not popular barrels, I got each upper on sale for less than $350 a piece with BCG. Out here in Wyoming (as in Afghanistan) many longer shots present themselves and the longer bbls are better suited to it. Obviously, the 6.8 will reach out and hammer anything at distance better than the .223. I like it, but they both have a permanent place in my gun safe.
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