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hubel458 10-23-2007 23:56

700HE/12GA FH capable.
Just got this gun done on an Enfield Action.
It right now has barrel on it for my 700HE 3.25"
cartridge. Gun also would work for the 12GA From
Hell. I reamed out action like what was done one Mausers
years ago to make 12ga bolt action shotguns, only I
improved process by adding two rear bolt locking
lugs, a heavy stock and barrel to take recoil.
We are doing an 8GA FH on an Enfield.
Second picture is the Savage 210 that I have the
12GA FH in.Ed

Tailgunner 10-24-2007 06:45

I've got to get back over your way, that Enfield is sweet.

hubel458 11-05-2007 18:42

Here are some more projects of our research.
In picture, left my 28GA FH-
Our 12GA FH- My 8GA FH.Ed

hubel458 11-10-2007 00:08

Had a light barrel 87 12ga replica now
it is this Long Tom slug gun.....Ed

JasonAC556 11-10-2007 06:13

You have GOT to be a recoil ADDICT!!!!:o

Just looking at these pictures makes my shoulder hurt!!:D

Sweet looking cannons though.

Do you actually hunt with those things?

hubel458 11-11-2007 09:15

We hunt ok with them. I just so busy testing,
shooting, wildcatting I don't have time to hunt
much.Wildcatting is the fulltime hobby.Ed

hubel458 11-19-2007 18:01

Got an 8ga barrel blank being made now,
will be here end of the week.Found this
info on plastic 8ga kiln gun loads, they
load a frangible 710gr slug at 2300-
for 8300ft lbs, load 1275gr hard slug to
1700, 8100 ft lbs. We will outdo those easy
with our non-shotgun powder loads, in
a heavy barrel. We setup an Enfield for 8ga.
In the 87 long barreled gun we will be testing
Breneke slugs. Guys are reporting good accuracy
in smooth and rifled barrels. The pictured barrel
on 87 is smooth and we will see how the
slugs in pic stand some speed.Ed

Der Verge 11-19-2007 20:25

Just so you guys know,
I was lucky enough to make it over to Tailgunner's place to check out his collection of ammunition. Quite amazing. But to stay on this subject.......I got to see that "12ga. from hell" round...........and.........

You do not yet understand.

hubel458 12-01-2007 09:18

Tested 35" smooth barrel in 1887. Got couple
1 oz foster slugs over 2400, with 110gr
of 4227. 3" plastic case, regular primers.
This is a heavy barrel for that type of load,
don't do this in your 12ga skinny barrels.
The 28GA FH cases on the way.Chambering
bolt gun for it now.. Ed

hubel458 12-13-2007 00:05

In the 87 long smooth barrel got
1 oz Brenneke to 2400 with 110gr
of 4227, You could use 4759 and
VV110 also at lesser amounts.
Barrel is cylinder bore size.
Brenneke slugs need no wads as the
locked on wad works good.Ed
And going heavier in 87 got 600 grain
Dixie over 2000, got a Buckhammer slug
I took out of factory load over 1900.
Buckhammer and locked on wad is 630
gr. Tested in 3" plastic cases.

The firing pin on the 87 didn't protude out
like I like them to as it comes from factory,
so I removed .015 from the hammer stop.
It fires big and small primers perfect.Ed

Der Verge 12-13-2007 14:57

5595 ft/lbs on the one ounce slug. What are you going to hunt with this? Steam Locomotive? :lol:

Amazing what you can come up with when left to your own devices. See kids ? Idle hands are the devil's tools!!:lol:

Tailgunner 12-14-2007 05:37

It's legal for those Kevlar wrapped deer down in your neck of the woods, and you wouldn't have many worries about them making it over the fence onto posted property either.
Besides, think of the fun you could have letting the "manly men" at the gravel pit shoot it (take your video camera, so we can all see their reactions).

Der Verge 12-14-2007 14:48


Originally Posted by Tailgunner (Post 451086)
Besides, think of the fun you could have letting the "manly men" at the gravel pit shoot it (take your video camera, so we can all see their reactions).

Ed, can I borrow it? Please?:D

hubel458 12-24-2007 19:14

10GA FH..a NEF 10ga, medium to heavy wt smooth barrel.
28" long, gun weighted to 14lbs. Factory FED 765gr loads
are 1300 fps. 200 gr of first powder tested is 7383 surplus
and the regular shotgun primers got 765 gr to 1600,
for 4300 ft lbs. Case won't hold anymore 7383.
Federal factory hollowbase slug is .025" smaller than
10ga bore. I bumped it up to the .775" size, by expanding
hollow base. With 7383 that gave another 150 fps.Fast starting
shotgun powders expand base better than much slower 7383.
The Federal factory load has 120gr of wads/seals about 1.4"
long. Better to replace with much more slower powder,
getting better velocity, still at low shotgun pressures.
We will test 4227 with the same slug , and saboted slug
of some design. We roll crimped with crimper in drill press.
Case expansion with 7383 very little(.006") like
the factory loads. 3.5" plastic.Used one .050 wad.Ed

hubel458 01-05-2008 11:01

In 10GA NEF 110gr 4227 got 765gr slug
to 1800, ejected ok. If it was a really
heavy barrel it could do more.Using the
7383 surplus at 150 gr, don't even have
to resize to fire 3 times. The 28GA FH
done and testing in next couple weeks.Ed

hubel458 01-09-2008 20:25

Fired 28GA FH-- Cases extract easy.--It is
in bolt action Enfield. With 550gr jkt slug,
full load 150 gr of WC-860, got 1900 fps.
This will be slowest load and powder.
In picture is 3.25" brass 28ga cases, regular
28ga plastic case, jkt slugs, a 458Win
for comparison.Regular cases work also.Ed

hubel458 01-13-2008 21:03

28ga cases are made by Rocky Mtn Cartridge,
Barrel is rifled with 4 grooves, 1-22 twist.
You could do one on Savage 210.Another
shotgun bolt action that would handle it
with little work, heavy barrel, is the
395-495-595-695 bolt action Mossberg.
Just to show that 28GA FH isn't puny, here is
picture of it next to a 505 Gibbs.Ed

Der Verge 01-14-2008 14:43

Keep on going Ed. I want to see where the 28 GA FH ends up. You may have an interested customer later on............:)

hubel458 01-18-2008 21:32

Here is picture and info on Royal
Arms' site for hopped up 12ga loads,
used in little cannons for bomb work.
Anyone got any of these fired that I could inspect to see how they are built.ED

hubel458 01-28-2008 07:58

I like the Savage 210 so I'm putting
a 700 barrel on one and chambering for
my 700H 3.25 case. Working on it now.
It is a straight belted case, .700 cal.
Should get the same energy levels as
the 12GA From Hell case in same action.
In pic is 700H case in the action.
There is guy building a 600 Nitro
in 210 also. Ed

hubel458 02-06-2008 00:13

28GA FH research. Guy on forums suggested using 54cal
rifled barrels for 28ga as they are easy to get. I looked into
it and did some testing. It is ok as long as you keep bullet
about 400gr as most 54cal barrels are not super alloy.
You got to use the thick heavy ones also, being stronger.
And everyone with 28ga wants slugs and there is no slug loads
from factory, and to reload the heavier bullets we shouldn't use
these barrels or regular 28ga barrels with 600-700 gr slugs.
But there are couple dozen 54cal bullets out there
stocked all over the gunstore shelves, in weights from 300 to
450 gr. There are heavier but for 28GA FH on deer 400gr is
great. I tested the 405 gr copper plated Powerbelt brand, with
velocities from 2300 to 2800 plus fps. That's 6500 ft lbs.
The 54cal slugs load tight in the RMC 3.25" 28ga case fine by
sizing top a little tighter. Bullet obturates to fit .550 bore
as bullet is hitting target straight. A lot of 54cal barrels
go from 530 to 560. 54cal slugs range from .534 to .560"
There are different sizes of 28ga barrels and chokes,
so some where there is lighter 54cal slug that fits..
And with light slugs the pressure limits with the MRC brass
match top muzzle loading pressures, so these barrels will work.
And great thing is the 54cal barrel guys ain't allergic
to making long barrels. I've shot one MRC case 15 times and
still going strong...Ed

hubel458 02-12-2008 12:42

28GA FH testing. 405 gr in 2.75" plastic case
got 1400. Tested the Great Plains 54cal
lubed slug, runs from 2200 to 2700. It is
by Hornady and its front band actually measures
.550" and hollowbase. They hit target straight.
Got a bunch of 415gr hollowbase coming that
are 548" from Dixie Gunworks. Only 26 cents each.
All will work in plastic or long brass
case. I found another .550 bbl and coming, and
it will go on a Mossberg bolt action
for the second 28GA FH to test.. Ed

hubel458 02-19-2008 22:12

tested the 415 gr hollowbase slugs in 28GA FH long
brass case. These are ones that Dixie Gunworks sell
that they call their Sharps .548" slug. They all run
about .008 bigger than that so they make perfect tight
fit for .550" barrel, and I used a good lube on them
in the grooves. They are a little harder alloy slug than
the Powerbelts or Great Plains The 28ga shellholder
for our Lee, Lyman, Rcbs presses , we use, is from
RCBS for regular metallic press rams. For 28ga dies
Hollywood made some for metallic presses.Also for
sizing for bottom 2/3 of the brass case you can cut
top off of the 500J die.The slower powder loads don't
even have to have the bottom half sized, which
is great for a turned case. If we had drawn brass cases
we could get 11,000 ft lbs, in the Enfield, which we
don't really need for deer. 4-6000 ft lbs ok/deer ..Ed

hubel458 02-28-2008 23:59

Here is pic of the first two 700H bolt guns, Left in pic
is Savage 210, next is Enfield. Ed

hubel458 03-12-2008 00:11

In the 87 Win Levergun, smooth barrel,
long barrel, using brass RMC 3" cases,
1 oz Brenneke KO slug to 2700 with 4227
powder. Shotgun primer. I will be getting
some 3.5" RMC brass that he will put a special
longer corner radius in, to allow faster loads
with less case expansion and easier resizing.
Should get same slug to 3000 and resize
easier also. With shotgun primer able to use
4227, and you WON"T have to rework hammer
or firing pin to do big primers.

Santa sent me 9 more PROP cases.Got 12 now.Ed

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