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FNAR / Browning BAR MK3 DBM

Anybody have any experience with one of these rifles? They have piqued my interest. Lightweight, Under 1 MOA, 20 round mags. Yea, I might need one. Not seeing the Browning in stock anywhere but some nice used FNAR's are showing up occasionally.
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I believe you are referring to two similar, but different rifles (at least as I know them). My most experience is with four FNARs, all of which were well inside 1moa. My personal gun will shoot 162-165 gr. bullets to this standard to at least 800 yds. The other 3 I didn’t shoot past 400. The Mk 3 is a lighter weapon, and more suitable IMHO for a hunt where a long walk is probable. It preferred 175-180 class bullets (as did the other 3 FNs). The best groups we were able to get were about 1.25 moa out to 300. All the guns had excellent glass with more than adequate magnification for the ranges involved. My FNAR without the scope weighs, basically, the same as a Garand (9.5 lbs.) and the Mark 3 is about 2 lbs. lighter. Maintenance on both guns is more difficult than the AR-10 patterned rifles, but they both seem to be more robust and at least as accurate. I hope this helps.
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Thanks for the reply and sharing your impressions. I am keeping an eye open for a nice FNAR at a good price. It sounds like you have the heavy barreled model based on weighing 9.5 lbs. I am not really looking for a hunting rifle. More for range shooting and sniping commies from my position on top of the hill (JK). AR10's just don't do it for me and I like what you say about them being more robust. I didn't hear anything bad and that I guess is what I was looking for.
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