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Beretta CX4, Ruger PC, JRC - Carbine Comparison

Very good read. Doesn't change my mind about my CX4 purchase. The good news for me was the CX4 loves 115 gr which is what I shoot. Summary from article.

CX4 - B+
PC - A

I did get a chance to shoot the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 last week and would rate it a B. The safety location was crap but I understand you can change that with an aftermarket mod.
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Thanks for sharing!
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Game, thanks for the link! Grading is almost always subject to what is most important to the graders. Like you, 115gr is all I shoot in 9mm, so that gem in the article about 115gr ammo accuracy for it was welcome.

Most important to me when choosing the CX4 were:
1. I have a 92FS with plenty of mags. The CX4 takes them just fine, so it is not only commonality of ammo, but also of mags. Don't own a Ruger or a Glock 9mm.
2. Weight. The hormone treatment for my prostate cancer zeroes out any testosterone production (testosterone is PC's food). So all those ads about "Low-T"??? - picture "Zero-T". Muscle mass is almost non-existent. I'm down to (on a good day) 130 lbs, at 5'10". I was in reasonable shape at 165 lbs before all of this started. So for carrying it around and off-hand firing, weight is paramount to me.
3. Adjustable LOP was moderately important, but not critical.
4. Length. Shorter is better for me without having to do a take-down, since I don't go backpacking: it is grab-and-go; no assembly required. Also a great truck gun should I feel the need.
5. I got mine before the Ruger PC came out (by about two months), so the Ruger wasn't a consideration. Based on the linked article, I'm happy since the Ruger is a pound heavier. The JR Carbine just never appealed to me as I don't care for the AR platform (love my Mini-14s).

Being a traditional wood/iron guy, it took me several months to finally purchase the CX4 - about as space-gun fugly looking as it gets. I have no regrets and must admit, it has kinda grown on me.

One added bennie of the CX4 is the TRS-25 Red Dot does a perfect co-witness with the irons with no adapters needed.
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Interesting article.

I've owned my CX4 since about 2008? Might have been even before that. I've SP'd many of the parts, guide rod, trigger, hammer, buffer etc.

Prior to that I did a "Nail File" trigger job to the CX4's polymer sear/hammer, and dang if it was/is not BETTER than the metal/stainless SP hammer/sear.

I've fully debured the stock with a nail file, it's nice and smooth now, no sharp mold edges anywhere. The action is smooth as glass, and it runs dirty or clean, just eats anything you feed it, and mostly I shoot cheap Wolf/Herter's/Reloads. (Anything about 18 cents per round if possible.)

Ball or hollow point, never had any feeding issues. You do have to make sure you use 92 mags. I have a 1986 Taurus PT99, and while the magazine profile is the same, the catch location is not the same, and this can allow the magazine feed lips/round to be wrong, and it will not always cycle correctly if I get those mags mixed into the range bag. (My issue, not the gun's.)

Speaking of mags, any 92 mags work, period. I have OEM Beretta mags, surplus military 92/M9 mags, and some 33 round ProMag metal mags as well as "Beretta" marked 30? round mags. They all work. Even the "wrong" Taurus mags work most of the time! LOL But they do not lock tight in place, but do not fall out, but will possibly have a feed issue.

Accuracy has amazed me. This is perhaps my most accurate rifle in the safe. Even compared to a few very custom .22LR match guns from TacSol. That is saying something.

I don't know if it's a fluke, or just my rifle, but 1 inch holes at 100 yards are not uncommon, and if I do my part, tighter groups at less than 100 yards are possible all day long.

I'm running a Vortex Red/Green dot, older version that comes with the 2x doubler, and with that screwed in, it's a tack driver at 100 yards.

I was nailing fence T posts at over 300 yards just plinking, but there is some serious bullet drop at that point. Aim for the top of the post, and listen to the ring of the impact. I could not see actual impact, and I did not walk out to check it out. My buddy with his .22LR race gun that is worth more than two of these CX4's was only hitting about 50%. He was impressed, and now wants to buy one.

Anyway, I've been a fan of pistol caliber carbines for a long time. There are a few more I'd like to add to my collection, but nearly everything takes Glock mags, and I have no glock pistols, and really don't want any. Bummer. Not a bad pistol, but just not for me.

In 1986, when I bought my PT99, the Glock was new on the market, and I shot both of them and considered buying the Glock. It did not point naturally for me. I did not like NOT having a manual safety. I was familiar and used to SA/DA pistols and 1911's that would be carried "cocked and locked" etc. The idea of running around with a loaded chamber, and no safety other than on the trigger? Still leaves me feeling naked, but that's just me.

The PT99 has a frame mounted safety, can be hammer down, hammer partially cocked, and cocked and locked etc. The alloy frame has held up excellent, and the pistol has been abused with ChiCom military surplus machine gun ammo for many decades, without a hiccup. If anything, the trigger is better now than it's ever been. (Thank you tooth paste and rubbing compound. )

The 5000+ rounds fired through it over the years helped I'm sure.

Dang, sorry about the thread jack! LOL

I'd love to try out the PCC, but I will wait till they make a 92 magazine adapter for it.
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