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Kel-Tec Sub2K and Extended Beretta Mags


I recently purchased a "multi-mag" version of a Kel-tec sub-2000 pistol caliber carbine. This particular one is setup from the factory with the Beretta mag-well insert which makes it the ideal companion gun to my Beretta 92 FS.

It came with a high quality 17 round magazine that only has the markings "made in Italy", and so I suspect it is a Mec Gar. My factory 15 round Beretta 92 magazines also run great in the Kel-tec carbine, but now I want to get some extended magazines for use with the Sub-2000.

Before I invest cash in buying the extended magazines I want to be reasonably confident they will run in the carbine. If anyone has experience with running the Beretta factory PX4 20 or 30 round carbine magazines in their 92FS pistol, or alternatively the Mec Gar 20 round mags for the Beretta 92 FS. My thoughts are that if those magazines run reliably in the 92FS, they should run fine in the Kel-tec carbine also.

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Kel Tec

I have a Sub 200 that was set with Beretta mags but I changed it over to S&W 5900 mags. I use MetGar 20 round mags all the time with no problems. The only difference between the two mag is the placement of the mag catch. Kel Tec sent me the parts at n/c.
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Well after reading a lot of reviews of the thirty round Beretta 92 magazines from other vendor websites, I went ahead and bought two of them. I went to the range today to put those mags through some first runs to see how reliably they perform.

BTW: I tried to get these mags straight from the vendor Beretta USA, but at the point of sale the online transaction reported that they could not sell the magazines to me in my State. I don't live in a state which has magazine capacity limits so they lost out on the sale, although I would have gotten them cheaper if they had supplied them. I ended up paying a bit more for them through MidwayUSA, but had no issues with them being shipped.

Upon inspection of the 30 round magazines they had the same markings, surface finish, and followers as the 17 round magazine which came with my Kel-Tec sub 2000. So it looks like Mec-Gar also makes these magazines.

Both 30 round mags fired without fail in my Beretta 92 FS. I had one failure to eject on the very last round in one of my 30 round mags when used in the Kel-Tec Carbine for the first time. That didn't appear to be a magazine problem, but carbine issue. I ran the two 30 round mags in the Kel-Tec for about 200 rounds without any other issues. In fact, that was the only hick-up I've had with the Sub 2000 in the 500 or so rounds I've put through it so far.

The springs on the 30 round magazines are stiff as hell brand new and there was no way I could load all 30 rounds with my thumbs. You would have to have thumbs that could punch through pine boards. I ended up buying a MagLuLa UpLuLa and loaded up everything fully and quickly - great tool!

So now I've got a folding Kel-Tec Sub2K stored in a "deceptive" carry case with x2 30 round mags + the 17 rounder that came with it. This is a nifty portable truck gun.
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a nearby nephew has the kel-tec 2000 9mm and swapped his to accept S&W 5900 mags as his primary carry in his 'battle rattle' is the 5903 great pistol, durable and reliable.
I also have an S&W 5904 and a Marlin carbine 9mm. the mec-gar 20 round mags function 100% I bought 4 32 round capacity from CDNN, without trying them out I disassembled, polish internal, deburred the followers and honed the feed lips eliminate roughness using a round die makers stone. some light synthetic grease applied and they're slick as glass, function 100% with 124gr jhp Rem golden sabre +P handloads. good backups for our primary arms. 2-20 round and 2 - 32 mags in our chest rigs plus the 17 round factory mag equals = 122 rounds available. right fair amount of firepower on hand.
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No doubt, I think the hottest 9mm loads out of the longer PCC barrel is going pretty fast, and figure it's as good, if not better than a 357 mag round out of a 5" barrel wheel gun. (Only way more accurate in the hands of most users.)
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If and when I get another pistol caliber carbine I would be torn between the CZ and Ruger. The carbines have become my new favorites to shoot especially with the arthritis in my hands and wrists getting worse every year. Iíve resorted to wearing a glove on my shooting hand for pistols. I have a loaner CZ carbine now with a Sig Romeo red dot and the only downside is the safety if you are right handed but there are kits that fix that. Nobody I know has a Ruger PCC to try out and I really want to shoot one bad. Have tried the Keltec Sub 2000 and itís a no go. Iím going to thin down the pistol herd and itís going to be a heart breaker but I just want to have fun from here on out.
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