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Thompson Center Hotshot

My Nephew came to me with a Thompson Center Hotshot single shot 22 LR. It had been his when he was younger and wanted to get it into shooting shape for his daughter. The problem with it is that the firing pin tip broke off and is lost. I have been looking for a replacement firing pin for months and not finding one. It seems TC stopped making this and they did not have any replacement parts. I even talked my email contact at TC into asking all the gunsmiths if they might have one tucked away somewhere.
I could manufacture one if I knew the dimensions. Does any one out there have a firing pin and a set of calipers to send me the length and diameter of the pin end?
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If they don't have any parts then they at least should have the drawings of the parts.

They might say something like We can't give you the drawings, to wit you reply "then you make me a firing pin for this gun you sold!"

Keep at them and they will eventually cough up either a pin or the drawing for the pin.

You may have to shame them.

I did this with Hornady on a part for the discontinued DL266. A nice lady in customer service sent me the complete drawings for the Charge Bar in the powder/shot drop.

I made the new bar out of Blue UHMW to closer tolerances than the Aluminum castings they were using and ended up with a Superior Part.

It annoys me no end that a company will produce a product for many years that becomes very popular and then for some reason,(usually high cost to manufacture) just stops making it and when it sells of all the spare parts just says WTF and no longer gives a ship.

My DL266 is arguably the best single stage Shotshell loader ever made.

Some idiot in the tool room dropped the mould for casting the top and sliding plates and broke it so Hornady decided to drop the product in favor of a cheaper to build unit that frankly sucks. Thus they weren't willing to fix the mould, and so now the only source for replacement parts is the internet and cannibalized machines, or to make them. Luckily these machines are pretty bullet proof and seldom need replacement parts. Mine was Brand New but missing the charge bar and a few small parts that they did have because they are common to both the 266 and 366 loaders.. I paid $50 for it and it is a great machine to run.

You just have to keep after them, eventually they will give you something. A firing pin for a single shot rifle sounds like about a 15 minute job if you know the dimensions.

Maybe you could make a new one with the pin end extra long and trim it to work?

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Unfortunately, before T/C was purchased by S&W they had a fire at their facility which consumed almost everything. They may not have the drawings for those older guns.
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TC Hotshot firing pin

Hi James...I just found your post and wondered if you found the info needed to make a firing pin. I just took my grandson's hotshot apart last night and managed to get the broken firing pin out. I can try to measure it for you. Any chance you could make 2? Let me know and thanks...Paul/OH
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Don't overlook making a phone call to Numrich Arms', 'Gun Parts Corp.'; and, if you don't have any luck there, then contact, 'Jack First Gun Parts'. If all else fails there's always Good luck!
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Thanks for the ideas Lone Gunman!
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I have these firing pins available if needed. I know I'm several years late on posting but feel free to contact me. We did a repair and ended up machining them. They are $30 shipped
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Old 12-05-2019, 10:52   #8
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If you have any firing Pins, I would like to purchase some
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Old 12-09-2019, 09:32   #9
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Please provide name and contact info thank you
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Hypermfg, do you still have firing pins?
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