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I lived in Albuquerque NM in the early 90's. I had someone trying to break into my house two times (two different houses). I had to pull the gun each time to discourage the break in since I was at home. The first was the front door, which had a metal door frame and a sturdy door, which they kicked but couldn't break. I grabbed my pistol, slammed home the mag and cycled the action. This noise seems to have made the difference or it could be they hurt their foot on the door. The second they were able to open the garage door. The dog was in the garage and she went ballistic. I again grabbed the pistol and watched them leave. No pointing at anything. I carried the whole time I was there.

I lived one year in Chicago back in the 80's. I carried everyday there. Wasn't necessarily legal, but I didn't care. I worked in a bad part of town. A part that I wouldn't hang out after dark in. Never had an incident in Chicago.
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Originally Posted by chill1955 View Post
Define saddened...If I raise a firearm to stop a threat I am not going to clutter my mind with regret or have an oh no mind set. Because you will miss entirely. I'll defer to all those videos of cops emptying magazines and not hitting the intended target. There are bad people that earn their lights out moment and I hope I'm not the one to turn them off, BUT if the situation arrives at my door, I will only see center mass, not looking in their face till they're down.
I didn't see your reply earlier. My point is there is no glory in taking human life. Don't even give the appearance of gloating over it if a day should come that you have to take a life to save yourself or others.

There is great honor in defending human life, and that should be the focus. If you find yourself in a life and death situation your good values aren't going to be a disadvantage. You know what to do, and you better do it fast. There's plenty of time to ponder life and death later.

My background includes a lifetime of gun ownership since age 10, martial arts (Shotokan Karate) since age 13, both student and instructor over the years, and several years in law enforcement.

Human life is sacred, but my moral convictions have never stopped me from acting lightning fast and decisively. I haven't lost a fight since I was 15, and even that was a draw.

If an attacker gives you no choice then shoot the bastard, but if you have time and opportunity to talk him down and end the confrontation without violence then do that.
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"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."
John 15:13
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Disagree again . Not all human life is sacred. Destroying evil is a sacred duty. remain as humble in victory as in defeat. And I see he becomes a bastard by your own words if they leave no choice! In that we agree sir. And you know I respect you bud.
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Sine Missione
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We will agree to disagree for now. Undrstand that love is the most powerful force in the universe. You can't out hate your enemies. When two armies take the field filled with hate for one another, one thing is for certain... hate will win. Fight against your enemies with love in your heart for those you defend, including yourself. You will prevail.

As a martial artist I know that the highest level is fighting without fighting. Deescalate, diffuse, do everything you can to avoid serious injury or death. I've done it, both as a civilian on the street and in my capacity as an LEO.

Most everyone can be redeemed and turn their lives around. Blowing someone away is easy. Using your head to help that person get a second chance takes a little more imagination.

I pray to God I never have to shoot someone, but if I must I will.
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"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."
John 15:13
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Evil people do evil things.
Good people do good things.
Good people can also do evil things.
Evil people can also do good things.
As in war the winner decides right and wrong.
If Adolph would have won would right and wrong
have reversed meanings?
Facing true evil only leaves one choice it must be
defeated as the aftermath of WWII proved.
Good and evil are relative concepts used to
justify a persons actions after the fact.
The human race is, was, and always will be crazy
at least until we possibly exterminate ourselves.
Unlike other animals on the planet the only difference
being we do not normally eat the human prey we
kill at least so far.
We are all crazy as hell some are just crazier the others.
Killing is built into our DNA as hunter gathers.
When tech allowed us to kill more with less effort things
took a definite turn for the worse.
Wars should be fought as football games no tech weapons.
If you kill or maim a player revenge dictates your demise in the
next series of events.
Bottom line life goes on nothing we have done so far has
changed our base desires.
Dominance is the base motivating factor for all of us
even those who seem meek should never be backed into
a corner as that will have unforeseen consequences and
may just get you killed.
Have a happy day.
The Crazy Years. RAH
Socialism is a disease of the affluent perpetrated on others to control life and liberty.
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Beck: Understand that love is the most powerful force in the universe.

Actually "Survival" is the most powerful force. It is common to every living thing.

Love is not.

I wish it was, but reality is that Survival and ultimately the opportunity to reproduce for the species is what everything is trying to accomplish. The lengths that life will go to, in order to survive is vast and you need to look no father than the insect world to see just how gruesome it can become.

Humans are among the few species that will kill one another in order to survive, and we are supposed to be at the top of the food chain?

It's not how well you do what you know how to do, it's how well you do, what you don't know how to do.
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