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Interresting Article on Smi-Auto Rifes

I was reading this article and thought others might enjoy it every time I read anything written by Ed Harris I learn something new. It is an old article so keep that in mind.

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I was in my " prime" then, or so I have been told. ☆So no problemo☆.
Some of the loads listed , I actually used , and have listed in my library of loads.
Almost forgot about H 4198. Used that in Military semi auto rifle competition .
( when my Club was sponsored to run those) Now NRA moneys have been cut, and any$ goes to Young Guns events.
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Interesting article. I have never used H4198. It just is too fast of a burner for me. RL10x and AA2015 are my go to powders for the Mini. They offer me the best accuracy. They are fast burning powders but nothing like the H4198. I do not use small base dies either. EXCEPT: I have a Lyman 2 die set. The full length resizer does not say it but it resizes like a small base die.

I use that resizer when I am reloading for my crappola hits the rotating wind maker, ammo. Since I don't know what rifle that ammo is going into I want it to fit any barrel and any chamber. At that point I am not reloading it anyway. It would have been loaded/reloaded at least 3 times, maybe even 4 times. For my SHTF ammo I tend to use powders slower than IMR 3031, to include AA2230 and AA2460 to squeeze out a little more velocity. All in all it's a good article.

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