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1. Inspect and clean your brass. I deprime by hand to keep primers and ash off of my press. Cleaning has to be done to remove dirt from both the inside and outside of your cases. Dirt inside will get into your dies and gun barrel. Dirt on the outside will ruin your dies and might make it to your gun chamber. Cleaning can be done with a simple wass in soapy hot water followed by a thorough hot water rinse. Get them clean and keep them clean. Inspect all cases for defects.

2,. Using a press and sizing die with a very small amount of case lube size your cases.
Check them to make sure they will chamber.
3. Check length with calipers. Now you trim with a good case trimmer.
4. Deburr inside and out at the case mouth with a deburring tool.
5. Clean primer pockets if you want.
6. Now remove the case lube and trimming particles by cleaning again.
6.5 If you are loading for pistols or lead bullets in a rifle the case mouths have to be flared here.
Your cases are now prepped. You can store them and come back days or months later to finish them.
Even if you want to load right now take a break. Only proceed to priming and charging when you are not fatigued.

7. Hand prime your cases
8. Using a well researched powder charge charge all of your cases. This powder charge should be cross checked for sanity from 3 or more manuals.
9. With all your cases in a loading block verify that all cases have exactly the same powder charge.
10 seat the bullets in the cases.
It is better to determine the seating depth using dummy rounds first.
Loaded ammo must fit your chamber and your magazine and they must feed.

With luck a good scrounger can round up a pretty good set up for one caliber for$150 or less.
Most reloaders do not stick with the activity. They use the stuff a time or two and sell in like new condition. Buying quality used equipment gives you both price and quality advantages. You are able to cherry pick the most preferred pieces from different manufacturers.

Old thread?? Total waste of time....
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