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Lyman Reloading: New Prodcuts For 2018

While at SHOT Show 2018 I dropped by the Lyman reloading booth and asked about their new products.

New for 2018:

Redesigned charge thrower

Brass Smith Ideal Press

Brass Smith All-American 8 Turret Press

Lyman does not make a progressive press.

I cut my eye teeth on a Lyman turret press that had 4 places for dies. That press was third hand in 1989, and I used it for several years.
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I wish I could tell you I was a fan of Lyman products but I can't. I have one very old Lyman press that is a C design that would be great but I can't get my hand in because the ram is too close to the back of the C. It is painted gray but it is nice and stout. They do make a hell for stout full size press (Victory model) and the Brass Smith Ideal could be OK but here again for us fat finger guys, I need some room for my hand between the ram and the frame.

Right now if I were to buy another single stage press it would be the new Hornady Lock and Load ambidextrous Iron Press. I just happen to think this is the shape of things to come for single stage presses.

I also have one set of Lyman .223 dies and the resizer is really tight and often times puts dents into the brass up by the shoulder. I do have the seater die set for reloading FMJ bullets into cases and it works like a charm for that purpose. Unfortunately, the die is pretty old and does not do a taper crimp. I could not find anything that said your new dies include a taper crimp. So, I don't know if they do or if they don't going to the Lyman web site.

I have an old style Lee Auto Prime priming tool with the round tray. I have to buy different shell holders than what I use in brass press but that's OK because it has been the best hand primer hands down. Lee stopped making this primer press. To the person or company who duplicates this primer press, they are getting my business when the 2 I have die. I do see you have the EZee Prime hand tool and it does take standard shell holders. That's good, so a person would not have to by a different shell holder. I want to see some reviews before I make the jump into a new primer press. I'm coming due.

You do have a nice selection of scales. I'm still using an RCBS mechanical scale I got in 1975. Longevity of a scale is important whether it be mechanical or digital.

Thanks for the information

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I will not purchase another Lyman product.....PERIOD! I still havent heard back from them on their faulty product I bought yet. RCBS, Hornady and Lee from now on.
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