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40 S&W range brass "bulge" question

Me and my son both have 40 S&W handguns now, him a CZ and me a S&W and a CZ. We have accumulated probably 400-500 brass of our own plus a couple hundred more range brass. I hear that the Glock barrels will leave a bulge in the brass case near the base because of it not being completely supported by the chamber. I want to buy a set of dies and start loading for the 40 S&W and will be buying the Lee carbide 3 or 4 die set. I have used Lee carbide dies for more than 20 years and would like to know if these dies will remove the "bulge" from Glock fired range brass or do I need to get another die to run the brass all the way through. Maybe a different brand of carbide dies that will remove the "bulge"?
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I've never used this, but I've read good things about it.

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NO die will remove the "Glock bulge" (common to other guns too of course) and the cases are weakened at the bulge. Are they unsafe? Well if that spot comes up (or actually down) over the unsupported feed ramp it may well give. I have personally seen five Glocks blow up and they were completely trashed. Glock replaced a couple, refused a couple and paid half (with lots of free upgrades) on one that I know of. I was ROing when one went right in front of my face and the guy almost threw it on my foot when he dumped it. Missed about that many more when I was inside the club house, so it is NOT uncommon.

Lee (and Forster) sells a rod that pushed the case all the way through the Lee (Forster) die, but the case, as I said, is still weakened. IS it worth doing and shooting the brass? Only YOU can tell me that! Me? I'm pretty fond of my guns, fingers and eyes. Of course I was told at one loser site by the senile geezer there that they were perfectly safe and I was an idiot to say otherwise (Me? An "idiot"? Quite possibly, but this I actually know about!) so I said "Mark the cases and put them in the mag so the bulge is down over the feed ramp and run off a mag and tell use what happens." Suddenly the "old shooter" shut up! Yes, the mod did admit the loser was senile and always giving out dangerous "advice" but he helped set up the site and didn't want to kick the loser off. I don't know, I can buy once fired .40 brass cheap (and find lots) so the risk, while probably not huge, is more than I want to risk over a five cent case.
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I use a Case Master Jr, it is a push through sizer and removes all bulges, works great.

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I've reloaded over 45,000 rds of 40s&w, all fired from my Glocks, using Lee's Deluxe Carbide 4 die set. When adjusted correctly, the dies return my brass to .421" all the way down to the rim, completely eliminating the small bulge slightly Glock's loser chamber produces. I've found no need for a 'bulge buster' die or anything other than Lee's die sets.

On that subject, Glock's famous reliability is in part the result of their decision to make their chamber on the large size to aide feeding in a military environment where reloaded ammo was a non issue. In response to the public's desires, Glock has tightened up their chambers and reduced the bulge issue to those found in all Browning based semi-auto actions as shown below.

Compare the chambers of many popular semi-autos and you'll see that the feed ramp, by design, reduces the support of the very bottom of the case in all of them. (Note: the Glock G22 chamber below is their older design produced in the 1990s, not their newer, tighter design pictured above.)

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YES your Lee dies will re-size them so you can use them in any gun. I have reload 40 for a long time with out any trouble.
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If you use the Lee Carbide FCD with the crimp sleeve removed and push the case all the way thru the die it will completely remove any bulged area from the case.

A full length sizing die will not do this and neither will using the FCD as a crimping die. You must push the case all the way thru the die.

Here is some pics of the process. And by the way all auto pistols bulge the cases to some degree, because all auto pistols have feed ramps and extractors. Only a Revolver completely supports the case for it's full length. The .40 S&W just seems to be more problematic than most since it is a High Pressure Cartridge.

Redding also makes a Debulging Die but at $65 its a joke especially when a Lee FCD costs $10-12 and does the same thing.

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Lee's Bulge Buster works great. I run all my 40 S&W brass through it for uniformity. No problems with the few thousand rounds I've loaded. I also like Lee's 175 grain Truncated Cone bullet mold. A tip on the bulge buster, even though it is a carbide die it helps to put a bit of Imperial Sizing Die Wax on every 10th round or so.
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