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Rockys Pop 12-08-2019 22:26

Security Ministry branching out........
We had our 1st FORMAL S/M meeting tonight......didn't achieve any new members but DID become a recognized branch of the Church.

We will continue to perform " Zone Defense " Armed Security duty, as well as Childwatch co-ordination with our Wee Care section (up to 50 children in 4 classrooms at a time that we keep in touch with the Childrens Ministry head) to prevent unauthorized persons from entering that area and / or Child abductions.

Severe weather and medical emergency assistance........

And other duties as necessary

We're the largest Church in my town with 200 Parishoners attending on a SLACK 9:am meeting....usually closer to 300.

Anybody elses place of worship use a Security Ministry type setup to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their congregants?

Edit:.....i've been a team member for +/- a year.....the team has existed for +/- 3 years since an angry husband burst in and shot our ceiling up unhappy that his wife was worshipping on Sunday instead of tricking to feed his drug habit.

2rangers 12-09-2019 08:52

Kudos to you, and your parish for recognizing the fact that YOU are your own first responders.
Also, keep in mind that the persecution of the believers would increase during the end times, so it will probably only get worse.

Parnelli 12-22-2019 14:38

I always carried my Colt 1991A1 in church concealed, the pastor knew as I was on staff. That was back in the 90's and we really weren't having as many issues that we have today.

There was that incident when someone shot up a bunch of kids at a church in Texas back then; I asked the pastor this question:

"Suppose someone came in, took out a gun looking like they were going to shoot up the place and I dropped them would I rob those who would have otherwise been shot of their Martyr's Crown?"

To which the pastor replied "Drop 'em and then we'll talk about it."

There were always the surprised hugs after church when someone squeezed me and felt that bulge under my suit coat; many were surprised that I carried in church.

Today you'd be unwise not to.

One other rather humorous incident was after church when another pastor was going to take me out to lunch; I had leaned forward enough for the butt of my gun to be seen by him; he said good God man, you carry in church?

I replied "I don't leave home without it."

To which he said "It's not an American Express!"

At that point I unholstered my weapon, held it up and stated "Some people don't take American Express!"

We both had a good laugh afterwards.

Rockys Pop 12-24-2019 00:47

ANY good Shepard will tend AND protect his flocks.
I'm just a Shepards helper......
12/22 was my Wifes turn to stand watch, so I got to enjoy the Service.

Merry Christmas my friends......remember the reason for the season !!

Rockys Pop 12-24-2019 00:49

Merry Christmas Freesw, Lousyshot, Alkawok, and Model52.......
the Lord loves his special needs kids too !! :D

Turkeestalker 12-24-2019 02:18

I know that you don't believe me yet, but He loves swifty too Pop! ;)

Rockys Pop 12-24-2019 17:37


Originally Posted by Turkeestalker (Post 1607632)
I know that you don't believe me yet, but He loves swifty too Pop! ;)

the more of his "trying too hard to be believable" posts I read....the closer I come to agreeing w/you 100%

chill1955 12-30-2019 19:56

Small congregation 140 total probably 75-100 attendance on any Sunday, folks I know, most of them by their first name and so do our rotating ushers. We have no gun policy but a wink and a nod. But to be honest I rely on my situational awareness and my instincts. We had a fellow come in one day from the neighborhood the church is located in. He had a backpack. I couldn't get a reading so the wife and I sat next to him the first time and I helped him with his backpack when we departed and it had nothing heavy in it. We introduced ourselves and that was that. If he had twitched, on like Donkey Kong. You don't always need to have a firearm, but one of my gifts from God is radar. Can't explain it, but I gots it. Situational awareness is what they call it today.

chill1955 12-30-2019 20:01


Originally Posted by Rockys Pop (Post 1607620)
Merry Christmas Freesw, Lousyshot, Alkawok, and Model52.......
the Lord loves his special needs kids too !! :D

Yeah but he hates sin. And the wages of unrepented sin is something they have to look forward to.

Bepe 12-31-2019 04:48

Outstanding that the Church has the foresight to protect their own. Residing North of the Mason Dixon line in a liberal anti 2A bastion the powers here are reluctant to go the armed security route. Me and a couple coworkers were asked to attend a meeting with the leadership after one of the other church shootings. After several minutes of dialogue, I sensed that the female minister believed that we had a magic wand to wave and make everybody "safe". I stated to her that the police were a reactionary force and in the event of a situation it would take us minutes to respond. I suggested that they explore the possibility of armed security. She gave me a look as if I had crapped on her shoe and ignored me the rest of the meeting. Stupid is as stupid does.

As we saw in Texas....being prepared will give you an edge.

God Speed.

chill1955 12-31-2019 06:27

Sorry Bepe, you lost me at female minister.

Rockys Pop 01-18-2020 20:36

Tomorrow is my day to walk guard post ........and the 21st is our evening for Active Shooter, and General Facility Security Training by a pro-group, that will leave us certified and hopefully more aware.
I have also recommended Combat First Aid kits,+ training, as well as Weather and general Emergency Preparedness memos for our Congregants.
Also protects the Church & US from liability IF anything ever happens, GOD forbid !!

Bepe 01-19-2020 05:08

Keep the your eyes open and follow your instincts. If something smells most likely is. Better to confront and clear the air than have to deal with the consequences. As we saw in Texas...numerous parish members observed the shooter in disguise and failed to act. The church is private property and is not bound by the same rules as LE.

Condition yellow is a must. Be safe.


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