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GAMEOVER 02-06-2013 14:37

Step up and Get Your Liability Insurance
Own a gun? Time to buy violence liability insurance, California Democrats say | Fox News

I posted this prediction a month ago and here it is in all it's glory.

COBrien 02-06-2013 15:23

That's like the 'Pit Bull Insurance' that owners of some 'dangerous' dog breeds have to carry around here.

Except 'Violence Liability Insurance' makes even less sense. I can guarantee that my guns (if I had any... ;)) won't twist off and injure/maim/kill someone of their own accord.

cowboy117 02-06-2013 15:24

And that's another reason i moved from Ca.Their politics[among other things] suck.

Adjuster 02-06-2013 17:38

The NRA should offer this coverage, and make it 15 cents per gun, per month.

That's about all it would need to cover, and setup the company that offers the coverage so if they get hit with a massive judgement, they just go belly up, and the plaintiff gets the shaft. (Insulated from the NRA that way too.)

The reality is, nobody that owns legal weapons is going to commit enough crime, especially violent crime, that will change anything cost wise.

What this will do, is make the insurance companies tons of money, and make the state money, since they will be able to fine you for not having coverage to be sure.

BangBangPlay 02-06-2013 18:27

Too bad George Zimmerman didn't have it! I was reading yesterday that he has nearly exhausted his defense fund. Although he will probably win at least a few civil law suits in the future against those who rushed to justice.

Right you are Adjuster! This has nothing to do with a need to cover the actions of legal gun owners. If they are going to make law abiding citizens liable for using their guns why not make all of the scum who use them illegally liable too? It has everything to do with identifying and isolating gun owners, making guns more expensive to own, and lining the pockets of insurance companies. This is just even more red tape bureaucracy set up to make gun ownership less appealing to the average Joe.

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