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Kevin 06-09-2012 09:30

State of the union June 2012
Has anyone looked around and paid attention to the state of our nation?

Our manufacturing base has been shipped to china
College education is more expensive then ever
Cost is up, and the quality of a college education is down
Big business gets to ramrod just about whatever law they want through congress
The war in the middle east is over a decade old
2012 presidential elections looks like its going to be between tweedle dee and tweedle dum
Housing has reached a point where everyday working people can not afford to buy
Wall street needs to bailed out from time to time, while the government ignores the people needing help
Health care is more expensive then ever
Legal drugs like bath salts are poisoning our youth
U.S. gubberment tries to declare war on its own people with laws like NDAA
U.S. imperialism is encroaching ever closer to Russia and China
With the factories gone, we are running short on skilled labor
National debt is increasing faster then a kid with mommies credit card in a toy store
Prices have been increasing faster then wages.

Housing Bubble

I think we need to talk about prices for a little bit, and especially home prices. When the housing bubble was going from the early 2000s to around 2008, home prices doubled, tripled and then quadrupled. But yet wages stayed the same. How can something justify such price increases? People need to use a little common sense. When something is doubling in price, something is wrong - especially when it comes to a life essential. Housing is essential, unless you like living in a cardboard box.

House flippers and banks ripped people off for almost a decade, and what did people do? They thought it was a good thing.

Crug - I bought this house 6 months ago and the value has tripled, I think I am going to take out a home equity loan and take a vacation
Doug - your house is in a bubble, there is no way its worth that much
Crug - I can always sell home home
Doug - yea, keep believing that
POP (the sound of the housing bubble)
Crug - my home is worth half its value
Doug - dumbass, I told you what was going to happen

After the housing bubble popped, who knows how many millions of people owe more on their home then it is worth. Good job buying into the get rich quick hype.

Civil Unrest

People with nothing to lose will take desperate measures.

The 20 something generation has gone into college loan debt and are unable to find jobs. But then again, when you spend $100k on a useless degree, what do you expect? College counselors have turned into nothing more then predatory capitalist.

As the economic situation turns worse, I look for more protest to erupt, and more violent protest.

Its just a matter of time before the U.S. sees violent protest like what has been seen in Europe.

We Can Not Longer Afford Welfare Entitlements

There is a time bomb in the United States, and that time bomb is the generations that have been raised on welfare entitlements.

Welfare was never intended to be a way of life, but that is exactly what is has become. The United States gubberment can not afford (or rather the tax payers can not afford) to take care of people who are too lazy to work. Sooner or later something will have to give.

If you want to see some real civil unrest, kick the millions of welfare leeches off the system.

We can not afford to keep welfare going, but we can not afford to kick the welfare parasites off the system either.

Rifleman55 06-09-2012 16:24

Kevin, you are right, sooner or later something has got to give, and when it does there is going to be h... to pay.
I don't live too many miles from you in east Texas, and as usual us ol country boys will make out.

Brian S 06-09-2012 18:49

In the last month or so in CA we've been told our state's debt is now $16 billion vs. the $9 billion Governor Moonbeam had been telling us. Whatever Dems say something will cost is usually twice as much as originally thought.

It's not just that many owe more than their homes are worth, another problem (for the state) is that means property tax revenue is way down too. The failed Solyndra plant cost us something like $75 million. Even though it's never enough, 63% of the state's budget goes to fund education, yet they say due to immigration, we have the least educated workforce in the entire country.

Welfare is basically a gift for irresponsible behavior. If the money never has to be paid back and the benefits never diminish over time, there's no incentive to get off it and 1/3 of the country's welfare recipients live in California.

Kevin's right, healthcare costs continue to skyrocket because Obamacare does nothing to control costs, it just transfers the burden elsewhere. Where's the $2500-3000 per year all the middle class were going to save after it passed Mr. President? It's easy to tell when you're lying...your lips are moving.

In the last 3.5 years nothing has gotten better, and it feels very much like the economy we had with the Carter Administration where the price of all goods and services jumped by 50% in only 4 years. Except we didn't have a 16 Trillion dollar debt back then and the government wasn't throwing away $4+ million in stimulus money for every temporary job they created.

When it comes time to pay the piper for all this mess, things are going to get very, very bad.

Adjuster 06-12-2012 19:46

Dot.Com bubble.. Big deal.
Housing bubble... Bigger deal..

But what is going to break the USA?

The debt? Its' a big deal, but not the biggest problem.

What is the biggest problem facing every American right now?

Money, and the value of money.

Today, on the world market, the USD is in a position to lose it's global reserve currency status.

What happens when that happens? Well, right now, if you are China, and you want to buy wheat on the global exchange, you pay for that wheat in USD. Same with soybeans, cattle, coffee, Oil and thousands of other commodities around the globe.

This maintains a certain amount of DEMAND for USD that is needed to buy and sell the stuff people use and eat around the globe.

The problem is, the world economy is pretty tight right now. People don't have lots of extra to spend. Even China, and India, both with growing economies, don't have lots of extra to spend.

What has the USA done lately? Specifically, what have they done since the market crash in 2008?

Quantatative Easing.

WTF is Quantatative Easing you might ask? Well, it's easy to explain. It's putting more money out there for anyone to use. It makes USD very easy to get, and use for trade.

Want to buy some oil from the Saudi's? Sure, they accpet USD, so you go to the banks, get a loan for 500 billion, and buy some oil in USD. You then ship and sell that oil, and make 550 billion, pay back your loan, and walk off with a 50 billion profit right? Simple trade economics, and TRILLIONS of USD are used every day to trade all kinds of goods and products. Everything from raw materials to finished goods are bought and sold with USD.

But is that a problem? Why am I saying that QE is a bad thing? More money to trade means more trade right?

Well, people don't need as much oil, they are using less, since they drive less because the economy is down.
People are eating less, as food is more expensive. Or they are choosing food that is cheaper, or can be sourced locally, so it's less expensive...

This is true of EVERYTHING. Less USD needed, since the amount of trade has REDUCED, not EXPANDED.

Now, in 2008, PRIOR to the QE1, QE2, QE3 and now QE4 that we are currently in.. the amount of USD on the market was ABOUT ONE THIRD OF WHAT IS OUT THERE TODAY.

Take a moment and chew on this fact.

In 2008, there was less than 1/3 of the CASH in the world as their is today. (Cash being USD.. The world's resverve currency...)

Now, hello, welcome to basic Econ 101. The class today starts with the most basic of principles in business, supply and demand.

When supply is low, and demand is contstant, what happens to price?
When supply is high, and demand is constant, what happens to price?

That's simple you exclaim! Easy stuff there Professor Adjuster! LOL Low supply, constant demand results in higher prices, and if supply is high, and demand is constant, prices go down!

Yes, perfect score! You get an A+.

Now, consider this: Supply of USD has since 2008, HAS MORE THAN TRIPLED, while DEMAND FOR THE USD HAS IF ANYTHING, DECREASED.

Oh my.

Basic Econ 101 says if there is 3x a product as before, and demand is lower if anything, the price (value) of that item goes down....

Why is oil 100+ a barrel? Well, the Saudi's know that the value of the USD is about 1/3 of what it used to be in 2008, so even with low demand, high stocks of refined fuels in inventory, the base price for a barrel of crude oil is about 3 times what it used to be...

Same goes for corn, wheat, soy beans, cattle etc. ON the world market, and even here at home, the PRICES based in USD are going UP, because demand is low, and supply of USD is very high.

Far too high.

Wait till you see a few major countries stop using the USD as the worlds reserve currency. China could not do it sooner, as they had to sell off their holdings of the USD globally, or it would cripple their banks.... (Guess who's been selling off their USD for things like GOLD, or even worse, using that money to buy up mines and other commodities around the globe for the past few years...?) Yep, you guessed it! China has been selling off it's USD holdings for things of value in any money format.

Gold, silver, rare earth minerals, mines for copper, cobalt, steel/iron etc..... And how about India? Well, they have been buying oil for gold for years... Everyone will sell you oil for gold, since gold has value...

And what has the value of gold done in light of the QE program the FED bank and Obama has embraced? Gone from less than 300 per ounce, to about 1600 per ounce...

If it was only 3 times, it should be about 900 per... It might be oversold, but then again, the market sets the real price, not speculation, and the REALITY IS, gold is 1600.....

And the USD?

It is not going to be worth the paper it's printed on very soon folks.

Your retirement savings will not change. You will still have 100k in the bank, only that 100k will be worth less than 30k in real value... All of this on the backs of the losses we all suffered in 2008 when the housing bubble popped...

And what is the most important thing on our political minds today?

Not this reality that supply and demand are metrics with real teeth, but who shot Trayvon, or what Co2 is doing to the climate....

Anything but the real story folks. :)

Nothing to see here, move along, and vote for the Unions! We need a stronger America right...?

Jeff F 06-12-2012 20:22

Thanks for that Adjuster. You hit the nail with the hammer! When it does pop, and it will and the United States Gubberment knows its coming, the city's are not going to be a good place to live or even visit. The US is getting ready for major civil unrest, thats what NDAA and the rest of those laws are for. Just wait for when theres money on those welfare cards one of these months. The stores will get looted and the city's will burn.

Adjuster 06-15-2012 17:05

If Katrina was any prognostication of how that will go, the looters will take beer, TV's and skip the staple foods at least the first time around.

And if they burn the stores, the food they will want/need in a few days will get destroyed, or if the power is cut, spoil post haste.

Then the real question comes up?

What will the State and Federals do when faced with this?

In Katrina, they just setup shop out of the range of the idiots in NO shooting at rescue helicopters and aid workers on the ground.. But the crazy thing was the Welfare coddled masses were too damn lazy to even walk a mile or so down to the aid stations. Heavens, they would have to cross ankle deep water! Or worse, perhaps even waist deep water in places! (It's not like the news vans and trucks, as well as the National Guard vehicles were not crossing these same roads no problem... )

Nope, I'm going to sit around and die while I wait for someone to come save me, and make a serious trash heap everywhere too, since I'm not only entitled to be saved, but someone else is going to have to pick up the mess when it's all done, and I've been saved...

Here in Idaho, and the rest of the Intermountain West? I doubt that riots and such will be the normal order of the day, but in the major cities, where welfare and social entitlements are the norm for most folks? It's going to be brutal, and when the money becomes worthless, there will not be anyone around to come save anyone else.

People will either man up, and save themselves, or quickly devolve into looting, theft, murder and rape that we saw so quickly in Katrina....

I've read the average supermarket has about 3 days worth of food in it. Given that most people when the money goes bust will not realize it for a few days, the stores will become picked over and empty in short order, say about a week.

What is shipped in, will have prices so high, most folks will not buy it, or can't buy it. Staple items will still sell, but junk food, and the "nice" stuff will vaporize from the shelves.

Just think, if the value of your USD goes from what it is today, already more than 40% less value than it was in 2007, to say 1/3 the value it's at today....? Bread goes from 2.50 per loaf to nearly 8.00 per.

Fuel? Goes from just under 4.00 per gallon, to somewhere near 12.00. Shortages will just spike prices even more, and as the supply side costs hit, fuel, grain to feed dairy cattle, etc... The prices of your milk, cheese and other "staples" will skyrocket, and demand will fall, and that will actually drive up prices in the short run, but eventually prices will level off at a new point.

What will that point be, and what will the average workers wages end up at?

For the past 10 years, most of us have not seen an increase in earnings, if anything, national wages are down... While prices of food, fuel and other staples you need to survive have all gone up and up.

Screw healthcare, when the USD bubble pops, the cost of just feeding your family will consume a much larger portion of what you make overnight.

How many will stop paying their car payments, or house payments in light of this sort of money crash? (I would guess in the 50 to 100 million range, that is, 50 to 100 million Americans who currently pay their bills, will stop paying for those bills, just to continue to eat.)

What will that do to the banks? Car companies? Economy?

Suddenly does not seem so far fetched that the US Military has been training our soldiers to deal with food riots now does it?

freesw 06-24-2012 20:28

Many Americans gave up hope last year - 2012 will be worse


... addressing these long-term problems would actually help to solve the short-term problems. Increased investment to retro-fit the economy for global warming would help to stimulate economic activity, growth, and job creation. More progressive taxation, in effect redistributing income from the top to the middle and bottom, would simultaneously reduce inequality and increase employment by boosting total demand. Higher taxes at the top could generate revenues to finance needed public investment, and to provide some social protection for those at the bottom, including the unemployed.

bmcgilvray 06-24-2012 20:33

Marx is your hero.

freesw 06-24-2012 20:54

You obviously don't know much about Marx.

freesw 06-25-2012 09:40

Corporate Profits Just Hit An All-Time High, Wages Just Hit An All-Time Low - Business Insider

Dirty Harry 06-25-2012 09:52

Thank you're illegal aliens and high taxes for suppressed wages.

freesw 06-25-2012 09:56

No, Imposter, the problem is those like you, who foolishly cede control of our economy (and everything else) to plutocrats.


1) Corporate profit margins just hit an all-time high. Companies are making more per dollar of sales than they ever have before. (And some people are still saying that companies are suffering from "too much regulation" and "too many taxes." Maybe little companies are, but big ones certainly aren't).
Your idolatry of plutocrats is an expression of your sociopathy.

Dirty Harry 06-25-2012 10:14

If one were to believe a liar leftist like Henry Blodget, now I see why you picked the article.

Now, show us those companies, and the amount of taxes they paid in? I'll I see is a silly chart showing a few tenths of an increase, which they earned, not you.

Dirty Harry 06-25-2012 10:18

Henry loves more taxation and supports the climate hoax.

Henry Blodget: Is It Time for an Oil Tax?

freesw 06-25-2012 10:36

Everyone with any sense knows that at the very least, the massive oil industry subsidies should be taken away. But the oil industry controls so many legislators now, thanks in part to the SCOTUS corporatists, that they, not the people, make those decisions now. All industry lobbyists need do is threaten any congressman who supports ending those breaks with a massive infusion of cash into an opponent's campaign. They don't even have to make the contribution any more.

It's much like the drug cartels. They used to bribe journalists to either not write about them, or write what the cartel wanted written. Now they just threaten to kill them. That works even on most of the ones that aren't corrupt.

The next stage in the downward spiral into despotism is that industry actually writes the laws. They do that now too, with ALEC.

Dirty Harry 06-25-2012 10:49

And that poor excuse must be why the kenyan gives stolen american "tax" dollars to countries like brazil so they can partake in the "evil" oil industry and prosper. :lol::lol::lol:

magnomark 06-25-2012 11:19


Originally Posted by Dirty Harry (Post 715568)
And that poor excuse must be why the kenyan gives stolen american "tax" dollars to countries like brazil so they can partake in the "evil" oil industry and prosper. :lol::lol::lol:

<_<And his home country of kenya-let's not forget about kenya!;)

rhevans 06-25-2012 14:25

Just what are those "profit margins". What percent of sales. It would be nice to be given a number.

In this area, the government has a profit margin of 8.25% of sales.

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