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Bank of America.

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, McMillan Firearms Manufacturing, McMillan Group International have been collectively banking with Bank of America for 12 years.
Today Mr. Ray Fox, Senior Vice President, Market Manager, Business Banking, Global Commercial Banking came to my office.
He scheduled the meeting as an “account analysis” meeting in order to evaluate the two lines of credit we have with them.... He spent 5 minutes talking about how McMillan has changed in the last 5 years and have become more of a firearms manufacturer than a supplier of accessories.
At this point I interrupted him and asked “Can I possibly save you some time so that you don’t waste your breath?
What you are going to tell me is that because we are in the firearms manufacturing business you no longer want my business.”
“That is correct” he says.
I replied “That is okay, we will move our accounts as soon as possible. We can find a 2nd Amendment friendly bank that will be glad to have our business. You won’t mind if I tell the NRA, SCI and everyone one I know that BofA is not firearms industry friendly?”
“You have to do what you must” he said.
“So you are telling me this is a politically motivated decision, is that right?”
Mr Fox confirmed that it was.
At which point I told him that the meeting was over and there was nothing left for him to say.

I think it is import for all Americans who believe in and support our 2nd amendment right to keep and bare arms should know when a business does not support these rights. What you do with that knowledge is up to you. When I don’t agree with a business’ political position I can not in good conscience support them. We will soon no longer be accepting Bank of America credit cards as payment for our products.
Kelly D. McMillan
Director of Operations
McMillan Group International, LLC
1638 W Knudsen Dr
Phoenix, Arizona 85027
McMillan Integrity-Global Vision
www.mcmillanusa.comSee More
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Kinda makes a guy want to buy a McMillan product all of the sudden. Thats pretty bold of BofA to just come right out and say that.
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Originally Posted by Nor Cal Mikie View Post
We will soon no longer be accepting Bank of America credit cards as payment for our products.
I don't think you can do that. If you accept Mastercard or Visa for payment I don't think you can be selective on who the issuer is. You would be in violation of your terms of service with Mastercard and Visa and they would be able to access penalty's on you.
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I own several macmillan products and will purchase more in the future!As for b-of-aholes I have never liked their banking services/practices.If memory serves me-they were on the gov"t/banking bailout list,and if they can't manage their books-then they can't manage my money!
I will stand with the "crackers"should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.
...Just take the shot...
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I stopped banking wtih BofA many years ago.

And US Bank too.

All of them suck, the best banks are often local Credit Unions anyway, they invest locally, and they provide the best service for customers, but the downside is if you travel, they don't have branches in cities you might go to.

HOWEVER if you are operating on a credit card, that you pay off monthly as part of your business, it's a moot point. You just use the card for expenses, and it's paid locally every month.

For nearly 8 years, I was travleing an average of 43 weeks per year for business, and expensing about 85,000.00 per year on my card. The first 6, I used my own points/reward card, since it built up hotel points, and I had plenty of air miles for free travel. Then the company insisted that I use their provided company credit card, and I lost the points, but still built up the air miles on my accounts with the various airlines, and with the various hotels. (What ended up happening, is I just only stayed at Hilton properties from then on, since I could not use my card, and Hilton Honors was a good points system outside of the credit card used.)

Actually ended up costing the company more, since Hilton hotels are often more expensive than Choice, or Holiday Inn, where I'd go to maximize points, and take advantage of their free night offers. (It was funny, in some markets, I'd stay two nights, then move to another Choice Hotel, and stay two more, and get 2 free nights per week! It adds up quick and soon I had months and months of free hotel points.)

Cool thing is, take my family on vacation, get two of the best suites, and one for my extended family or friends, and it was all free.
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I bank with Sovereign (business and personal) and they have had their ups and downs. To deny someone business because of their industry is just plain unethical. Money is money, and debt is debt no matter who their clients are. I suppose BOA is ok with our government (a stock holder of the bank) dealing arms world wide, and they are ok with drug dealers and black market arms dealers holding personal accounts and lines of credit in their banks. But when a legit American company is merely upholding the constitution of this country (and at a record pace this year) they want no part of it?

It is just lost business because no doubt another bank will be interested to have Mcmillan or any other firearms manufacturer as their clients. The federal government owns a percent of BOA and I wonder if this move has something to do with future legislation or bans on the horizon.
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I'm not sure if I understand. So forgive what I say.

You are not accepting money (credit card transactions) from customers who uses BoA because BoA is no longer your bank?

I think in the end, that might hurt your business AS WELL AS theirs. I'd say take the money but give a discount to customers who don't bank with BoA. Or some other business strategy. Maybe say please pay with money order if you are a member of BoA.
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Why would a Senior Vice President of a major bank like BOA make a special trip to a customer's office (and a relatively small customer in the overall scheme of things) just to inform them that the bank no longer wants their business? I'd expect something more along the lines of a form letter to all of BOA's customers in the firearms industry. It's not like BOA would care if they p!ssed them off since they supposedly don't want their business anyway, so why bother with the personal touch? Not saying the facebook posting isn't legit, but something just doesn't add up. But, maybe that's just me.
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Given BOA's past track record vs the service I have gotten from MGI since the day they entered the market place, Ill give MGI the benefit of a doubt 8 days a week! Even if this is a "urban legend" floating around on the 'net, I got no love for BOA anyways.
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Let's see ,BOA cozies up for bailout money .. Administration doesn't like guns and cannot attack them head on at the moment. Could it be that the administration puts heat on bailed out banks to to deny credit to firearms and related manufacturers as a means of working "under the radar"?

I mean this is the same bunch that has floated the idea of taking on the ammo manufacturers through tht EPA ..nothing is beneath them. Vote the Bastids out in November!
Communism doesn't work because people like to own stuff. - Frank Zappa

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I didnt think it was a urban legend, and in fact got confirmation this week end that this was indeed a true incident.

You might be on to something there shootnpoot. There is no low this administration wont step to if they think it will get them one step closer to there land of Utopia. I mean look at the way Fast n Furious was handled under the current regime. Why would they be any less ruthless?
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Just let "Ted" at em, he'll chop off their heads this November....
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I have not done business with bank of america for many years, and wont be in the future.

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