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US on the way out, China on the way in

Some of the senior leadership in the Chinese government view the US as being on the way out, and China on the way in becoming the world leader.

This is a no brainer. For the past 20 year the US had been giving China factories right and left. The US has made china the economic power it is.
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I have been saying for years that we are doing our selfs in. We pretty much brought China from a third world to a first world country, they grabbed the bull by the horns and went with it.

Just wait and see what happens when the US dollar is knocked out as the worlds currency reserve. there are already a few country's that don't want US dollars as payment and we borrowed how much money from China, whats going to happen if we default on that debt.
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Well, the Chinese are already dumping their USD holdings.

It's been going on for nearly a year now, and acclerated in the last 6 months.

What we should be worried about most, is not the debt we have with China, but when China no longer has any of our debt in USD.

For many years, most Americans would boast that China would never screw us, we are their largest customer...

But in reality, that's no longer the case. China for example, buys more new cars than the USA does now. They have a vast market of people to sell things/stuff too, and as those people increasingly make more money, they have more buying power.

China has already become it's own best customer, our economic housing bubble created by the CRA acclerated the changes, and the "Stimulus" spending by Obama and other Liberals pushed the USA even further down the road to disaster, and slowed any economic recovery we might be seeing.

The anti-carbon energy policy of Obama has doomed the USA to high energy prices in the near term, and most likely, killed his own chances at re-election for a second term. (As if Obamacare did not do that already, the energy blunders he's made are the final nails in the box that sends him packing back to Chi-town.)
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