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China increases military spending

A year or so ago I read an article that said as China increases its military spending, the US gets nervous.

The Chinese military budget has topped 100 billion for the first time ever.

BBC News - China military budget tops $100bn

As China increases its ability to wage war, the US is having problems finding skilled workers.

This is not like the 1940s where the US had a massive workforce to pull from in times of war.

I wonder how the US would be able to wage war on a large scale level?
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Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
This is not like the 1940s where the US had a massive workforce to pull from in times of war.
But we do have a massive unemployed force to pull from.
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Originally Posted by higgite View Post
But we do have a massive unemployed force to pull from.
We can not build ships and planes with unskilled workers.
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The majority of corporations no longer hire in good raw material, train them in-house, and promote from within. We as a nation provide K-12 Public Schooling based upon the idea that if someone completed it, they had a GOOD chance to make it into the middle class. So what's missing from the equation? Those two things above are not in play.

We must either stop requiring College Degrees for the majority of jobs, or start including 4-6 years of additional education into the Public Schooling system. Corporations must train and retain in-house talent. Of course, neither of those things are going to happen, and the damage to at least two generations is now done.

What have we got left? Aging equipment, 40 year old airframes, and nukes. The sand is running out of the hour glass unless one heck of a lot of money is poured into main street USA. I don't see it happening personaly. We lived off credit in more ways than one for a long time, and now nobody wants to face up to the fact that we have to pay for all the differed social maintenance PLUS cut the financial deficit. It can't be done. It's one or the other. One will require WWIII, and the other that we become a Banana Repbulic.

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I'm with the inflation of our money, and the pushing of the USA down the ladder to just another former superpower.

China and India are poised to take over the role of the world's superpower, the question is, when will China set India back a few decades? (By using the very unstable middle east, or even more likely, those corrupt, and unstable countries North and West of India.)

China has bought up the minerals in Africa. That's the next cheap labor, in 40 years or so, when China's middle class makes higher wages, and their average cost of production goes up, the Chinese will just "outsource" their production to Africa, and a new population of cheap labor and products.

South America falls into the this plan as well, only they are using them sooner. (China owns most of the mines/minerals and are working with directly, or in-directly, companies to build stuff in South America, where labor is cheap, and raw materials are plentiful.)
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China does not have the burden of having to coddle its citizens The leadership does what it wants to obtain what it needs. They do not have to deal with unions or political correctness, or the sensitivity of this person over the next. Statist or totalitarian governments can get things done because there is no EPA, Department of the Interior Sierra Club, PETA etc. with legions of lawyers to gum up the works.. If you complain you go away. It is all about the collective.

We have lost the hard edge that made us great. We don't manufacture anything anymore because our leadership has sold us out. We have lost all sense of nationalism here. We have gone from the melting pot to the salad bowl. We have opened up the flood gates and allowed everyone to come in and eat all honey and drink all the milk. All the while they want to change America into what they want it to be and not what it was that made her great. We dont need assimilation .. why we have Hopey Changey.

Things could change here if the government would allow it and the press would fairly report what is going on. It will not happen until politicians quit whoring themselves out to garner campaign contibutions or enrich themselves or their cronies ( Solyndra, GM/UAW). Just like our dependence on middle eastern oil has tranferred our wealth to many of our enemies, we are doing the same thing with the Chinese by purchasing their low cost communist labor.

To make matters worse our public education system has become a joke. Its all about making one group or another feel good about themselves rather than teaching them that have to compete in the world in order to survive. ( I always get amused by liberals who love Darwinist theory for animlas, but howl when you suggest that humans have to compete too ...anyway, I digress)

We have to become energy independant and that means drilling our own oil as well as developing other energy sources. Think of the jobs that could be created if we built two new refineries and the pipline and opened up to drilling in Alaska and of shore. Yet our own president is blocking this and continues to spend us into oblivian. I am thouroughly losing faith on our ability to turn this ship around. Liberal whackjobs are whining this country to death. What really fascinates me is how amazed they are going to be when they have to live in the same hell hole they are creating. The boat is sinking folks .. it aint the time to keep poking holes in the hull.
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Originally Posted by Adjuster View Post
I'm with the inflation of our money, and the pushing of the USA down the ladder to just another former superpower.
Our current government would probably start another world war then not to be the worlds leading superpower.

Since the 1950s the US has been sticking its nose into everyones business overseas. We can go to korea and vietnam to fight, but yet the US government can not stop the flow of drugs from entering the nation?

We can spend billions of dollars on aircraft carriers, ICBMs,,,,, but we do not have money to take care of homeless people?

It seems that out government is to busy looking for someone to fight, and not spending enough time taking care of business at home.
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