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The war on the people

As most of us have forgotten, on Feburary 19th, 1942 Executive Order 9066 signed by franklin d. roosevelt allowed Japanese-Americans to be detained without due process.

Never forget, never again.

The problem is, it can happen again. All the US government has to do is point at someone, say they are a terrorist, and that person can be detained forever without due process. By due process, I mean having their day in court. There is no formal charges, no hearing for bail,,, no nothing. the person is arrested, sent off to a camp, and never heard from again.

Why has the US government granted itself the authority to detain people without due process. I don’t know which one is more dangerous to national stability, an overzealous government, or foreign enemies.

Why would the government fear due process? Why not give the person their day in court?

During the Cold War, we could point and Russia and say “they are the enemy”. Today, it sees the US government points at everyone and says “they are the enemy”.

When the founding fathers created this great nation, they knew what they did not want to become. Due to the atrocities committed upon the 13 colonies by the king of England, the founding fathers knew what an oppressive government was. From that starting point, a system of checks and balances were put into place to ensure the rights of the people would be protected.

Executive Order 9066 signed by franklin d. roosevelt was challenged in court. The supreme court failed to protect the people from an overzealous government. That is what the founding fathers did not want. When the system of balances fails to protect the people, the people can only blame themselves. When a Republic fails, its due to an uneducated voting populace.

While the people blindly voted to same two parties into office, those two parties conspired to strip the people of the rights.

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Well when people are blinded by security and national security they tend to make bad rationalizations and for some reason are willing to give up some of their rights. They justify it because the law or change doesn't affect them, it only affects "bad people". But they don't realize that anyone could be labeled a "bad person" or domestic combatant, even for their beliefs.

What if just speaking out about infringement is enough to be detained? People tend to turn the cheek if the right is one that they care little for, or if they feel it doesn't pertain to them. That is why many liberals don't care much about the second amendment, because few of them own or use firearms. Out of sight out of mind, and this issue is another example of it. The government has used fear of another attack to pass legislation that invades our privacy, negates due process, and that has created a police state in many major cities.

News from The Associated Press

I just read an article that the NYPD has been monitoring Arab students in the entire Northeast, and without probable cause. One one side of it you could say that they should be monitored and it is within the law to do so. But on the other side of it they could monitor you of your family with no probable cause. I personally think it is waste of police power and money to monitor these individuals. Criminal justice is on the biggest business' going now, and they receive an unlimited pool of money from Congress. Law enforcement should be restricted and should only be as big as necessary, and that includes federal LE.
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