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Doc Fraudci is a Leftist Commie Hack

Shut every thing down! Wear a mask! Wear goggles! Stay indoors! Stay away from crowds of any size! Social distance! Wash you hands frequently! Test everybody! Mail in voting! Hydroxychloroquine bad! Quarantine!

Protests and riots? Uh, that’s for somebody else to address.
“May God have mercy for my enemies because I won't.”
― George S. Patton Jr.
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hes covering his butt cause he dont know shiet.
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Dr. I'mphony Fauci is in the pocket of kill Bill Gates and the rest of the creatures of darkness, keep praying more light be shined on his and all the deep states wrongs. It is a battle between the creatures of darkness and Light.
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Dr. Faustus/Fruadci monikers fits him well.
"It's easier to fool people than it's to convince them they been fooled." Samuel Clemens(Mark Twain)

"Life is hard, life is even harder if you're stupid and lazy." Marion Morrison(John Wayne)
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