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3 Arrested in Hoover, Ala Shooting

Remember the 8 yr old killed and 3 injured last week at the shooting in the mall in Hoover? They’ve arrested 3. Guess their race before opening link that includes their mugshots.

“May God have mercy for my enemies because I won't.”
― George S. Patton Jr.
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Colored folk ?LOL YEP !!
Who woulda thought !!!!!!!
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Honor our Constitution !
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between this shooting and the shooting of an 8 yr old girl in Atlanta........it's sad that BL don't M to other BP ..........
Well i'm just all broke up about that mans rights !!
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Been saying it since the start, BLM is not Lives, it's LIES.

Only Black Lies matter folks, it's not about lives, it's a Communist political party movement.

Lies as usual, just a new "face" for the same shyte.
Obummer says I'm a pre-op transgender Blask Lesbian.
Trump says I can just reach out and grab what I want.
Look! He reached out and grabbed Michelle's Pussy!
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