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GAMEOVER 06-29-2020 17:01

Chinese Pig Flu, the next pandemic
Wonder what situation the Chicoms are holding this one for?

Turkeestalker 06-29-2020 17:18

Coming to a Wuhan wet market soon!

freesw 06-29-2020 22:41

Donald Trump has cut all restrictions on bad concentrated animal feeding and slaughterhouse operations in this country. The next pandemic is just as likely to start right here in the good ole USA as anywhere.

Turkeestalker 06-30-2020 01:36

Well if this country is going to manufacture something like that in a lab, do y'all think that instead of it being something that seems to target older folks, we could make it something that targets progressive communists? :)

RJF 06-30-2020 10:03

Well, the Kung-Flu seemed to be less of a news topic, so we had the murder hornets. That didn't last so it was back to the Kung-Flu for a bit until the riots, and now statue-toppling. That will wear out, so I'm guessing (short of locusts) that it is time for some new swine-flu. We should start calling it the "CCP swine-flu" or "Commie-pig Flu", just to get ahead of the curve. Or "flatten" it...;)

Open for even better tags. It seems an asteroid has failed us...

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