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Honor our Constitution !
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Birmingham Al. = Liberal hell hole

It's getting to the point of no return for Birmingham.
Gangs have taken over, people shot every day, families on TV crying and asking WHY?........

( Not a single one a pro-Trump voter, guaranteed)

It's going the way of Detroit, Chicago, and New Orleans.....and I hate to see it happen.

I've always loved old B-ham, because until recently it was a safe place to go have some fun.

Thanks a LOT SJWs.....this is on Y'ALL !!.......I wish you were all stranded on MLK Blvd @ 2:am on a Sat. you could reap the benefits of what you've sewn !! lead ignore box has been emptied for New Years dialogue.......
please, ramble on, cut & paste, tell me why i'm wrong and what swell places our mega-cities are.
change my mind
Well i'm just all broke up about that mans rights !!
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The same could be said for a hundred cities across America today that have been run into the ground by Democrats.

Take Salt Lake City for instance.

No, please, take it.
Does only telling little white lies make me a racist?
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Well, we know from news report that Austin has a Drunkard for a D.A. But what else would we expect from the Party of Jackasses?

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Full on Eco-Capitalist!!!
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Atom bombs, wars, famine, ebola or the plague... All things folks say will destroy humanity etc...

But looking at history, the surest way to destroy any city, or civilization is not any of those things.

However, Socialism, the lure of free stuff, and those who sell it as the way to social justice... It's killed society and countries every time it's put into place.

Yet, the Left still pedals it wholesale to the ignorant fools who want a free ride, or have been conditioned to feel entitled to something for nothing.

Birmingham is just another casualty of this infestation world wide.
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Obummer says I'm a pre-op transgender Blask Lesbian.
Trump says I can just reach out and grab what I want.
Look! He reached out and grabbed Michelle's Pussy!
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