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Might have had a break through, just tried 21.0 gr of CFEBLK and a 123gr .310 Zmax and they ejected and fed the next rd! No flat or cratered primers either. Onward and upward.

6-5. This afternoon I tried [.308] 110 rn, 125 plastic tipped and 130 hp and all ran with 21.0 gr. Tried some 150 gr bullets with 20.0 gr and they ran too. The 20.0 gr load will not work the lighter bullets. I think that I’ve figured this critter out. Next will be to put holes in paper and develop some accurate loads. And of course finish the build. Found a walnut m14 handguard that should work. I think that I will need to install the mini14 steel reenforcement into my stock as I noticed some battering of the wood inletting by the action but I did try some heavier bullets in my experimenting and could have damaged it then. H110 would just not work. I also added a ruger mini blue buffer.
6-6. Tried a few rds on cardboard at 35 yds, It’s hitting low and I don’t have any more elevation adjustment so I’m going to remove some front sight blade height. This is a very cobbled up rifle with a front garand sight designed for a .30-06 @2700 fps, a rear sight set up for .223 [with an 18 inch bbl] and it has a 24 inch bbl chambered in 300blkout. Has some identity issues.

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Milled some off my garand front sight without much change. I took the ruger rear sight elevation screw out and added a spring between the sight blade and base and got a few 125 gr to hit poa but I’m way above the adjustment detent pin. I’m going to have to cobble a tall sight blade together from two blades. It’s coming, waiting on more parts.

7-8-20. Reinstalled the steel reenforcement today and moved the whole bbl/action and trigger group back about a 1/4 inch. I had to do that to get the stock and upper handguard to mate up. There was a space between them which I might not have had with a garand stock but I’m using an Italian star FAT 70 stock that’s a little shorter. I might not install the screws in the sides since the steel insert will be jbwelded in. Then I can start prepping the stock for my paint job. I will probably shoot it some more too. Also have the rear sight to tinker with.

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