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My solution to mounting a scope and it being able to "hold zero" on a Henry Frontier

I posted this on Rimfirecentral and figured I would post it here as well.

Alright, it's done! Parts and pics as promised

I used this weaver rail I found at my LGS. Amazingly it fit. Its a Weaver T0-9 rail for $6
Weaver - Scope Mounting Base - .22 Top- Off Adaptor Bases

Under the factory rear sight there are two D&T'ed holes that the rail lines up with. The are tapped to the M4 metric spec.....and here's where the modifying began.

The rail does not come with M4 bolts so you must pick up some, I used these M4x10mm flat top hex-head bolts

DSCN0087 by jpetrak, on Flickr
Then, I had to counter-sink the rail further with a 1/4'' and 5/16'' bit because the bolts stuck out above the rail. Once this is done they sat flush!

DSCN0076 by jpetrak, on Flickr
Then I mounted it on the gun and was set!

DSCN0084 by jpetrak, on Flickr

I decided to go with quick-release rings from UTG (High 1'') so I could pull the scope on and off quickly. The scope is purely for punching paper. The only problem I have now is that what is on the gun right now is a compact shotgun scope so there isn't enough "tube" on the scope left to fit the second ring. And it only has 4'' of eye relief, which turns out, isn't quite enough. I believe the Bushnell Banner 1.75-4 32mm scope with 6'' of eye relief will remedy both problems beautfiully and will be a very near-future purchase.

DSCN0081 by jpetrak, on Flickr

DSCN0082 by jpetrak, on Flickr

Overall, I believe its got a nice look to it when the scope is mounted.

DSCN0086 by jpetrak, on Flickr

So this is my solution to being able "hold zero" on a scope for my Henry.
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Because of the way itis manufactured, the Henry lends itself to drilling and tapping the receiver cover. When disassembling, the receiver cover slides back and off. Both sides and top is one piece. And it is aluminum. Easy to work with and strong enough for a 22.

'Course, the peep may be a problem.

I have the Henry with the grooved receiver. I would bet that a receiver like mine would fit yours.
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