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1894 Marlin Trapper build

Starting on another levergun build. While I like long bbl leverguns, especially muskets I’m really enjoying my 1873 centennial carbine’s short bbl, so I’m turning my wife’s old 20 inch 1894s into a Trapper src. Planning on cutting the bbl back to around 16.5 in which should allow ten 200 gr rnfp .45 Schofield loads to fit in the mag. The wood on it is uncheckered so I’ve got a plain bbl band forearm coming from GPC to replace the rifle’s endcap forearm. Got a saddle ring safety replacement for it. Also picked up a one piece bbl band front sight to simplify things. It’s for a uberti but is very close fit on the Marlin. The mag part is a perfect fit but the bbl part is a hair too tight so I’ll have to open the band up some. I also want to use a carbine ladder sight. I’ll borrow my buds bbl facing tools at our January cas match. Need to buy my own set. Shouldn’t be that hard of a build though. Photos when my parts come in. Just found a semi fit carbine stock [have a steel carbine buttplate] at WGP Ltd so I’ve got all the bits and pieces, just a little bit of fitting to get it put together. Got the forearm today but while it fits the bbl the magazine channel is too small so I’ll have to open it up.
Something like this.
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1894 Marlin Trapper build-e944e2ff-d52a-4c6d-b0d4-10414e03c17e.jpg  

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What a great project.
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Started whittling on it. Have hacksaw-will travel. Need to final fit things. It’s coming. I really like the look. Waiting for the carbine stock to arrive. Today I have to install the new belt drive on my hf mini mill where I destroyed the plastic gear a couple weeks ago. Want to use it to drill the holes in the mag tube for the endcap.

Update-got my Little Machine Shop belt drive on my mill, wasn’t too hard, only had to disassemble it once. Directions are for wussies.
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