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Marlin with and without barrel bands?

I guess I never noticed before, how Marlin levers like the 1895 do not have the front and rear barrel bands that we find on the 336. Instead, the 1895 has more of a "nose cap" on the forearm but no bands.

I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me why this is and if one setup has any accuracy advantage over the other.

My gut impression would be that fewer contacts between barrel, mag and forearm might prevent groups wandering as the barrel heats up.

Does that make sense?

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Have had both types never really saw much difference.
Then again I never pumped enough rounds through them
to really get them hot.
All were accurate .44 mag, 30/30 and .444.
Something about a lever would not let me use it like an AR.
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the end cap supposedly keeps a longer barrel more stable under "intense fire"
it also went on higher priced rifles to avoid chipping of the forearm end using a saddle scabbard
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OK Lex here's the scoop. And it only applies to Leverguns.

A gun with a Fore End Cap and a barrel longer than 22" is a "Rifle."

Rifles: 1895CB 26" .45-70 top and 1894CB 24" .44 Spec/Mag bottom

A gun with a Fore End Cap and a barrel shorter than 22" is called a "Short Rifle."

Short Rifle: 1894 CB 20"

A gun with a Barrel Band is a "Carbine."

Carbine: 336C 20" .30-30

Typically Carbines have round barrels, and Rifles and Short Rifles have Octagon or Half Octagon barrels. However they can also have round barrels like 1895 Guide Guns which are Short Rifles with Round Barrels or 1895 Rifles with Half Magazines and 24" Round Barrels.

I have never seen a Carbine with a barrel longer than 20". Although at one time you could order just about anything you wanted from the MFG's So they could exist.

Hope this explains this well enough. However there are exceptions which must be viewed and Classified on an individual basis. But in most cases the rules above are the way it is.

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