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Marlin 1895 and Recoil


I know it depends on load and rifle, and it can be very subjective, so it's very hard to answer a question like "How does the .45/70 recoil?"

But, what about a more specific question? In a Marlin 1895, 18-inch... what is considered a "comfortable" range load versus a "hot" elephant-killing round?

I've heard 300 to 405g bullets going 1,000 to 1,500 fps pound the shoulder less than a 12g shotgun. Others say only the 2,000 fps and up are the real recoil monsters.

So, to those who own an 1895- what factory ammo would you recommend for some comfortable range shooting?


(For a frame of reference, I have shot 5.56, 7.62 Russian, .30-06, .303 and 8mm Mauser in various rifles...)
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I used some factory ammo in my 45-70 Marlin 1895G, but mostly reload. I have tried Hornady and Remington only. Both are not exactly lite loads.
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300 grains to 1500 fps, and 405 gr. To 1300 fps. Are roughly equivalent to a full power 240 gr full power 44 magnum load in a lever gun, except the 405 gr load is more of long push than a fast punch.
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Thank you sir.

That's exactly the firsthand, practical info I was looking for.
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