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apatriot88 06-28-2020 18:22

Scope for 1895 45-70
Title says it all, good budget scope for around 200$

W.R.Buchanan 07-07-2020 12:57

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Pure Blasphemy! Putting a scope on a gun like that is sacrilegious.

You need a Steel Lyman 66 LA Receiver Sight for that gun.

Don't say the words "I have old eyes" cuz nobody will care. Everyone here shoots with old eyes, and as long as you can focus on that thing sticking up at the end of the barrel you can shoot accurately.

Come on,,, You can do it!


dh1633pm 07-08-2020 06:36

I have an 1895G. I put a 4x shotgun scope on mine. Works very well. My fancy lever guns in more original trim all have stock sites except for my Rossi which has an XS Ghost Ring.

W.R.Buchanan 07-13-2020 13:29

1895 G is the only one I'd make and exception on,,, and it would get a Red Dot Sight just because of the fast target acquisition that would come in handy for that guns uses.

That said, I have a 1958 336 .30-30 and an early Rebuilt Weaver K2.5 that are going to get married soon. Seemed an appropriate use for that scope.



Beck 07-15-2020 22:56

I would take a serious look at the Burris Fullfield II line. I have the 2-7x35mm model for my Mini-30. Word is they hold up nicely with much more powerful calibers.

It has the clearest glass and sharpest image I've ever seen, even in much pricier scopes. Unfortunately the 2-7x35 has been discontinued. You can still find it, but it's become rare. Last time I looked, Cheaper Than Dirt Had it in stock, and it wasn't a bad price. Under $200.00 including shipping.

The 3-9X40mm is still being made and also has a good rep. They really do perform well for under $200.00 scopes.

I'm a scout scope guy, but wanted a conventional receiver mount scope just to have around. The Fullfield II has really grown on me.

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