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Baltimoreed 01-13-2020 19:22

1873 Centennial Carbine build
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I started on this build over a year ago. The donor gun is a used 1873 Stoeger .45 carbine. Backstory, one of my impressions that I use for my cas matches is Sgt Preston of the RNWMP. As my .45-60 NWMP 1876 is not legal for regular monthly matches [pistol caliber rifle only] I decided to build a smaller 1873 lookalike of the 1876. BTW, Winchester built a small number of full stocked 1873s for Spain called the Spanish Contract carbines. I used a 1876 full length fore stock which was naturally way too large. I trimmed down the outside of the forestock to fit it to the smaller recvr and reshaped the bbl channel. I used a brass tube that fit inslde the ‘76 mag tube channel and the ‘73 mag tube fit inside of. This was the hard part, getting the nose cap, mag tube and stock put together and mounted to the bbl. I replaced the buttstock with a new unfinished stock and then refinished both pieces with birchwood caseys red military stain and truoil.

Baltimoreed 01-13-2020 19:43

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Here’s more pictures. My stained wood, my mainspring rebuild and Sgt Preston and Yukon King. The rifle will also double as Tom Selleck’s rifle from Crossfire Trail whenever I do a Rafe Covington impression.

star 01-14-2020 08:58


Baltimoreed 01-15-2020 12:37

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Hereís some photos, I havenít done the butt swivel yet or the front sight. I am holding off until I get my plain bbl band to see if I like it better without a sling. The 1876 that is used in the Selleck film and NWMP carbines donít have any swivels and some Spanish contract carbines have them and some donít. I also need to make some dummy screws for the nosecap and make another bbl band spring.

Rockys Pop 01-18-2020 20:05

LOVE it!

dh1633pm 01-19-2020 07:49

Interesting build. Very nice.

Baltimoreed 01-30-2020 07:56

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Heres my first try at a buttstock cartridge carrier for Rafe’s Centennial 1876/73. My bbl band should be here Saturday.

The band came and I had to reshape it a little and open up the bbl opening. Next I need to inlet the bbl band spring and cut the bbl and mount the sight.
Going to have a smith put the front sight on and repair damage where an excessively large amount of the bbl was ground off tp make a place for the original forearm screw. Should have returned it but after I bought it I never removed the forearm until I had the 1876 forearm to work on which was a couple of years. Should be ok as .45 schofield is a mild round.

Baltimoreed 06-14-2020 17:08

I messed up and had a smith weld up the bbl damage and while he kept things cool there was some deformation into the bbl. So now he’s trying to fix that issue. And I thought the rifle was finally all done. Found the damage when I tried to sight it in and was getting crazy fliers at 30 yds and looked into the bbl.

Baltimoreed 08-25-2020 16:05

Finally picked up my ‘73 Centennial today. Shot it and the bbl damage has been repaired. Hit everything that I aimed at, no crazy fliers. Just some more cosmetic things to complete and it will be done. Faux screws in the nosecap, a cleaning rod and the lower sling swivel. I’ve got 2 bbl bands fitted for it, one with a sling swivel and the other is plain. When I inlet the buttstock swivel I’ll also make a blank to fill the space. Just be a matter of swapping a few parts to go from a ‘73/‘76 Centennial Carbine to a ‘73 Spanish Contract Carbine.

Got my lower sling swivel done. Need to touch it up now. Have another sling swivel ordered but it’s missing the loop. I’ll make that my blank.
The loopless swivel was too small so I can’t use it. I’ll go back to my original idea and make one from a piece of walnut.

Sparkie 08-27-2020 08:09

Glad it worked out for you.
There is something about coveting I
cannot remember.
Rafe would be proud.

Baltimoreed 09-07-2020 08:23

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dh1633pm 09-07-2020 16:51

Great work.

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