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Two New Levers

As the title says, I picked up two new lever actions over the weekend.
One of them I wanted for a long time, a Winchester 9422.
When I had my first job in high school (1974) I saved up and got one, but I chose a .22 Magnum, and even then ammo for the mag was spendy.

Everything you've heard about their quality is true.
Smooth, accurate, nice wood, deep bluing, flawless feeding (controlled round feeding like the Browning BL-22) tight fit and great finish.
I'm thinking of putting a NECG peep on it, as the old semi buckhorn rear just doesn't let me reach the full accuracy potential.

The 9422's have really climbed up in price the last few years, nearly every one I've seen was at the $1000 mark.
I saw this almost unfired one, without box, for $700 and jumped on it.

The other carbine I bought was a Rossi '92 in .45 Colt.
I'd like to eventually get one in .357 as well, but for now I wanted one that fired the same ammo as my Ruger Flattop .45.

This is one of the newer Braztech ones made since Taurus acquired Rossi.
Compared to the older Rossi's I owned, this one is impressive.
It was also fired just a few times, no box, and I got it for $425.
Really smooth action for a new gun, and a nice trigger pull.
Bluing is deep on the receiver, lever, barrel and barrel bands. The only part that isn't blued as deep is the mag tube.

I cycled it about 500 times last evening while watching T.V. and it is even smoother now.
I don't mind the safety on the back of the bolt. It is too small to stand out, and isn't going to engage if you don't engage it.
It might even be useful if you needed to unload indoors or in a truck, or lower it down from a stand and leaving it loaded.
But that location of the safety is a great place to put one of those peeps from Stevesguns. I can't do well with a rear leaf sight anymore, especially a big full buckhorn one.

I'm really liking the "Trapper" 16 inch length. It is easy to put in the truck or ATV, and is so light you can just about shoot it one handed.
The stock is the typical south American cheap hardwood (some call it Pisswood) but it is very straight grained. Just a bit light colored for my tastes, i might have to put some Walnut stain on it to get it darker.

I have a load I carry in my 5 1/2" Flattop that consists of a 250 grain Speer Deep Curl over 12.0 Grains of HS-6, gets 1040 fps. in the Ruger.
It should get 1250 out of the carbine, and it holds 9 + 1 of them.
Not a bad inexpensive, knock around truck gun at all.

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2 very nice levers!!
Well i'm just all broke up about that mans rights !!
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Very Classy both of them!
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Two awesome lever action rifles congratulations.
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