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I'm in love.

I finally had the chance to shoot my new Uberti 1873 rifle today, and I could not be happier. I've wanted a Winchester 1873 for about four years, but every time I had the money saved up for one, I opted to buy something else on the wish list. Mainly because of assault weapon ban threats. But, I finally got my hands on one.

I was originally torn between a current production Winchester and a Uberti. I knew I wanted a 24" barrelled .45 Colt rifle with color case receiver. It would have been nice to have one with the Winchester name on it, but I decided to get the Uberti. Although I liked the color case buttplate and forearm nose cap of the Winchesters, I did not like the satin finished furniture. I like a hand rubbed oil finish look, but the Winchester stocks just looked unfinished to me. I also did not like the extra markings Miroku stamps on the Winchester barrels.

I ordered my Uberti through Buds. In order to take advantage of Buds' cash price, I paid with an e-check. Because of that, it too me ten days to receive my rifle. Buds waited five days to make sure the electronic draft cleared. Being impatient by nature, I dang near went crazy.

Uberti boxes are very thin, and they are not very sturdy. My rifle suffered a small dent in the forearm during shipping, but I was able to pop it out with some steam. The fit and finish of all of the parts is excellent. The wood furniture in very nicely finished Walnut, but it is a little red in color. The bluing is a nice deep blue, and the faux color case finish is very nice looking.

I was impressed with the action as it was out of the box. After cleaning the thick factory oil from the parts, and properly oiling it, the action was very smooth.

I own a Ruger .44 Magnum carbine, and that is the only pistol caliber long gun I have ever fired. That's strange because I have played with just about any other type of gun out there. I was not expecting a lot of recoil, but I guess I'm just used to my 30-30 lever actions, because I was surprised by the lack of recoil the .45 Colt produced when shot out of the 1873. However, the rifle is hefty and the .45 Colt isn't that hard kicking to begin with.

The rifle cycled rounds smoothly and reliably. The trigger was nice, but not overly light. I took my first shots at 25 yards, just to see where the sights were. The rifle was perfectly zeroed from the factory, and my first five shot group was about an inch in diameter. After getting used to the rifle, I could easily produce ragged one hole groups at 25 yards.

I then moved the target out to 50 yards. At 50 yards, I was able to produce inch to inch and a half groups from the bench.

I can honestly say my four year wait was worth it. I have bought plenty of guns through the years that did not completely live up to my pre-purchase expectations. This Uberti did, and I absolutely love it.

I apologize for such a long post, but I know I did not find a lot of information on these guns when I was researching this purchase.
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No apologies were necessary. It is such a nice rifle that you needed a lot of extra words just to describe the emotions. I certainly enjoy mine. Told you about the oil. But it keeps it from rusting. I didn't take the elevator out but should have. Its still as smooth as the day I got it. I have an 1894 Marlin, 1892 Rossi, and have shot many a Winchester. But the 1873 is the smoothest action I have ever shot. Glad you got it. Enjoy it.
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