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Old 02-18-2018, 12:08   #1
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SO Sad, Henry 308 Long Ranger

I bought my Henry Long Ranger 308 with great anticipation of a hunting rifle for a left hander. I have come to find out that it doesn't do well with reloads. I contacted Henry who said that they do not recommend reloads for their rifles. I use a small base 308 die (which is a full length resizing die) and after doing 50 or so I check all of them to make sure they chamber. Usually 5 or so don't chamber all the way so they are separated. After loading the rounds I check them again and 5 or so don't chamber so they are separated out. I go to the range and shoot several of the rounds but alot of them will not come out of the chamber without force. I have done everything to make this work as it is a great gun but I don't want to be stuck with only reloads so I am going to sell it. Makes me sad that Henry will not support it because it is not factory ammo. This is the first Henry and will be the last I own.
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Were the reloads originally shot out of the Henry or another 308 rifle?
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Why get a small base to begin with? Was it for the Henry or for another reason. I use one when I use LC brass that was once fired out of rifles with oversized chambers.

Do factory loads feed and extract well?
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Old 02-23-2018, 06:06   #4
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Most, if not ALL makers will NOT support using reloads in their products---that's just how it is---too many potential legal problems when using non-factory ammo. I've been owning and using a Browning lever-action BLR in .308 for decades---bought in mid 80s---it's a hunting rifle---I simply don't go thru that many factory rds in any given year---the Henry rifle (which appears to be a close copy of a BLR) has a very good reputation and has tested well---sorry you will sell it because it won't function with your poorly resized reloaded ammo...
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jyo those were my thoughts also.
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Just an idea.....have a gunsmith run a 308 chamber reamer through it to see if it opens the chamber just enough to cycle your reloads.
Also, have you tried to cycle your reloads (the tight ones too) in another 308 rifle?
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Old 02-23-2018, 11:24   #7
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I had the problem with my M1A and LC brass, hence the comments about the small base dies. My loads would chamber but not cycle properly. Just oversized enough to cause it to not cycle right.
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Old 02-23-2018, 13:43   #8
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I know of no firearm manufacturer that endorses the use of reloads. Some say outright that use of handloads, reloads, or remanufactured ammo voids any warranties the firearm may have. Read the manual that came with the firearm. They simply cannot warrant that the reloaded ammo meets any specs, at all. As we all know, chambers are cut to certain specs, factory ammo is made to certain specs, and they have to coincide, for safety and performance reasons. Using a small base sizer should guarantee correct feeding, but SB dies will cause case necks to get longer, quicker, due to the fact that the brass is getting squeezed to a smaller diameter. Measure the length of a fired case. Lube and size the case. I am willing to bet money that it is longer. It must then be trimmed back. I am willing to bet also, that O.P has a problem with too-long cases, and/or bullet seating depth isn't uniform.
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Old 02-24-2018, 12:20   #9
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Yeah, when I checked mine, the base of the brass was out of spec, hence it didn't fit right. If factory fits and reloads don't then something has to be suspect. That that doesn't fit, fits the bill.
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Old 03-02-2018, 09:30   #10
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You are right, of course, and I found out the same problem. I was using older brass from my other 308's. The specific problem was I was using brass that had been used by an autoloader. Even my CZ 308 had a bigger chamber than this gun. I went out and bought some virgin brass, and have been clicking off my MOA groups ever since. I just have to have specific 308 Henry brass. Small based dies were not enough. I also have a 223, and its not quite as particular. Shot two hogs the other day with my reloads.
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Old 03-26-2018, 14:33   #11
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Originally Posted by zorro60 View Post
Makes me sad that Henry will not support it because it is not factory ammo. This is the first Henry and will be the last I own.
really...and no offense...but its your loss in many ways, not henry's.

i have never bought a new gun that did not recommend in the Manual to use ONLY factory ammo. most have the same policy, reloaded ammo voids warranty sucks, but i do understand it. there are some people out there who really don't know how to properly hand load. should a company put itself at risk for damages caused by inept hand loaders or open themselves up to litigation? as said, henry is NOT the only company with this policy.

next point....henry makes fine rifles and their customer service and appreciation is TOP RATE. imo, you are singling out henry for policy virtually every firearm manufacturer agrees with.

just my opinion. henry is a great company and the one issue i had with one of their guns, they supported me 100%. i am a repeat henry customer and will continue to be so.
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Old 06-10-2018, 07:06   #12
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If you dont trim the brass to spec after you resize it, this problem falls on you. As others here have said, it is best to use once fired brass from your henry, then you shouldn't need the small base dies. This wll also lesson the number of times you need to trim your brass, and it will last longer. I have been through this learning curve. Believe me, reloading for bottleneck cartridges requires alot more precision work than straight wall pistol cartridges. If your not willing to put in the time to get your reloading process dialed in, you are better off just buying factory loads, or load with virgin brass.
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Old 06-11-2018, 06:06   #13
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Years ago my then new 25-06 Sendaro had a tight chamber and would not chamber my reloads built with RCBS dies that would fit fine in my Ruger #1v. I sent 3 fired brass to RCBS along with my sizer and they sent me a sizer die that worked. Not all dies are the same, not all chambers are the same. There's a min and max dimension for chambers and dies as tooling wears. Get the wrong combination and you've got issues. Once you get fired brass from your Henry segregate it and you should only need to neck size it. Lever actions, pumps and autos don't have the extraction power of a bolt action. Good luck.
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Old 08-12-2018, 07:26   #14
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I have to agree with what others have already stated.
I have 3 Henry's and find the craftsmanship to be top notch. Also I have dealt with CS rep Patrick in NJ and also Dee in WI and both were very helpful.
I have the Long Ranger WI model (223 with sights) and it has been an accurate and great looking rifle. I haven't set up my 550 press yet for reloading the 223 (I have the dies,etc.) so I cannot speak to that problem.
I wouldn't give up on it as some great advice was given by the other members.

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Old 08-12-2018, 11:45   #15
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My Adams Arms had a very tight chamber I ask their gunsmith if I could use a Scotch Brite Pad to open the chamber or would that affect my warranty or should I return the upper. He said if I sent it back they would use a Scotch Brite pad to do the job also. If I did it myself my warranty would not be voided.

It does not take a lot to open up a chamber, brown scotch brite pad followed by a red pad worked great.
Either the brass you are using has been in a oversized chamber,weapon with a head-space problem or it has been subjected to an over pressure situation, if the later being your reloads are to hot scrap the brass.
The reason I mention this is because you said you only used rounds that would chamber normally but were having problems with hard extraction which could be a sign of over pressure.
Try some starting grain loads in your rifle and see if you have extraction problems. Your loads could be to hot.
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Old 08-13-2018, 07:53   #16
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Very good points Sparkie.
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Old 08-22-2019, 16:58   #17
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I have seen this problem with bottle neck cases in levers. I buy 100 rounds new ammo for each rifle, shoot it and mark MTM boxes with Model of gun and reload these cases for that gun. Most problems solved and can reload 5 or more times depending on how hot the loads are. My most accurate loads are never loaded max.
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