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Kevin 08-01-2011 07:56

Only 3 months until hunting season
August, September, October, and on the first weekend of November rifle season starts in this part of Texas.

When my wife and I went to the local wal-mart this past weekend they had hunting gear out on the shelves.

The weekly sales paper from Gander mountain had deer stands on the front page.

When do you plan on heading out to the wood and doing some scouting? The first few weekends of august are booked for me. I will probably start scouting towards the middle and end of August.

With the drought here in Texas, there is a creek bottom that has water in it all the time. I want to get in that creek bottom and see if the deer and hogs have been using it as a water hole.

bquick 08-01-2011 16:22

I would like to move some stands I have to other locations, They're still in my "rifle" spots, that I hunt in November but I also archery hunt and would like to move them to a more easily accessable locations, I usually move them in the spring, but didn't get it done this year. Now I'm going to be behind the eight ball this year. I'm thinking about rat holeing some money to ge a couple of new stands and leave the others in place. I need to hurry as bow season opens the end of September. This summer has flown by!:o

Cleburne 08-21-2011 08:26

Can't wait for it to start here in Alabama.

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