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Lack of dove..

I live in North Texas. And the past few years I haven't seen any dove around. What gives? Are they hunted out here in North Texas? I've seen one or two collard doves lately. When there used to me thousands.

Maybe it's just too many people live here now and we have taken the land they used to live on? Who knows?

Sad. Because they are so tasty.
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That's too bad. Is that year round? Usually have plenty in Kansas in September. Tons of them around now too. Must have been mild wherever they spent the winter.
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It's pretty odd that they aren't as many as there used to be. Like I said it may be due to city expantion.

I may have to check with my local wildlife and fisheries department to see what exactly is going on around these parts.
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I live in N. Georgia and the last several dove shoots I have been on have been so bad that I don't even bother to go anymore. I believe the coyote population has increased so that doves and ground nesting birds and animals are being eaten by them. I know that doves don't nest on the ground but their nests are usually low enough that they can easily be destroyed by coyotes. There seems to be fewer rabbits and turkey too since the fish and game folks have done their share to increase the coyote population. Only my opinion.
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The reason you're not seeing any Doves in N Texas is because they've ALL moved in on my bird feeders! I have Inca, Morning, White Wing, and two pair of Ring Neck. By season's end, there will be few native song birds due to the hundreds of Dove. On our deer lease, the stock tanks that normally support the native nesting populations are dry. I sure don't expect a good dove season this year. Also am finding a few dead new-born fawns.
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They are at our feeders, eating the sunflower seeds the other birds knock out. Some actually winter here in our pine trees. Pines are being killed by a beetle that carries nematodes that block the sap runs in the tree. No cure or treatment, just have to cut the trees down and burn them. So eventually you will get some KS doves back.
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