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What shotgun would you recommend for a female looking to turkey hunt?

I'd like something very reasonably priced as I don't know how often I'll be able to hunt. I've seen some Mossbergs at Wal Mart that seemed reasonable but wasn't sure. I'd like something that is easy for a small-statured woman to handle.
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I think you're on the right trail. The Mossberg Bantam in 20 gauge should fit the bill.
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Remington 870 express would also be a good choice, I would let her handle and shoulder a few different makes and let her decide, the mossy or remmy are the best bang for the buck, but she may not like the feel.
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Turkey Hunt Reccommendation

I would buy either a Remington 870 or Remington 11-87, both with synthetic stock. Also try the youth Remington shotguns if you are small in stature. I have been shooting Remington firearms all my life. I had two Mossberg shotguns, one was a 590 pump, the other a 500 pump. Both had ghost ring sights. I had to sell them because I could not get used to the safety on the top of the gun. I instinctively reached behind the trigger guard for the safety. Where the safety is located on the gun you choose is important, so look at that when making a buying decision.
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