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Rifleman55 05-17-2020 18:16

Just shot 2 of the garden eaters tonight, 10-22 with a can works great.

hylander 05-21-2020 22:19


Originally Posted by Rifleman55 (Post 1626566)
Just shot 2 of the garden eaters tonight, 10-22 with a can works great.

But did you eat them?
They make great gravy.

RJF 05-22-2020 11:28

We don't have a garden, so these little guys give us great pleasure watching them eat our clover. One of the reasons we moved to this property...Same with squirrels, 'coons, and possums. We love our wildlife...

Understand those who garden for food, but our farm's previous own had a saying about planting crops (which he did): for crop planning, figure 1/3 loss due to disease/drought, 1/3 loss due to critters (crows, rabbits, ground-hogs, etc.), and 1/3 yours. He was likely spot-on. Frankly, were I to grow corn, it would be for the wildlife...

RJF 07-14-2020 08:51


Originally Posted by Herman Munster (Post 1641488)
Good sweet corn boy I don't know I really enjoy eating it. I put up a low electric fence around mine to keep my roaming chickens out and my doggies keep the coons out. Now I'm hungry.
I do agree with you sir, we moved to the country in part to have the wild life around, the exception being those pesky moles. Why did God make moles? I'll be asking him that some day.

We do have moles in about of our land (the lower parts - the upper parts have too much shale/clay for them). Our barn cats keep them pretty much in check around our barn; raccoons take care of the rest, with a few red-tailed hawks cleaning up those to venture above ground.

When our beloved pooches were around, they kept busy digging at mole-holes, which kept both them and us entertained.

We're at a very happy equilibrium, with deer, rabbits, squirrels, possum, raccoons, and groundhogs about. Even a few albino skunks!. No problems here: the groundhogs stick to the tree-lines for burrows/dens (places where we don't mow and our horses don't graze); rabbits love the abundant clover we offer on our land; squirrels are now loving the walnuts that drop (plus a few apples) and there is at least one that will happily eat peanuts from my hand. Skunks and possum and 'coons keep to themselves, which is just as well.

The deer want for nothing. Were there tough times, I take care of them with feed-blocks. Thousands of acres for a few dozen of them. They also like the apples from our trees.

Our younger horse looks forward to company from the deer - although at a distance. They offer up an excellent excuse to act stupidly (when one is not watching)!

Am happy neither I nor our neighbors hunt these lovely, trusting creatures - the exception being one neighbor who hates squirrels and ground-hogs for some reason. A mowed pasture will keep groundhogs from burrowing there.

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