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After hours!

This is mostly a gun forum, and as is normal, Gun's are the primary focus.

But I have to say, when involved in fights, lots! It was way back in 1960 to 1965, worked on the door of night Clubs in Liverpool UK, a Seaport, and a drinking fighting area no less!

Sixty till 64, at the Cavern Club, of Beatles fame, despite no booze sold, I managed to get stabbed on two separate occasions. Sixty five, The Blue Angel, on Seal St. Had a spectacular punch-up there! Two of the local gangsters! They decided they were coming in, despite being told no, by the door sign in chap. I was on my own for just a few minutes!
Long enough, my first night! A Thursday, traditionally a quite night, the students from Liverpool Uni. who were members came then.

Of course when I stopped them, and asked for Membership Cards "Tony knows me" with a smirk. Tony would wave them on.

Two local toughs, suits, one at 250lbs and glasses, the other one 6'3", and 200lbs. Tony said, "Mike, these two Gentlemen are not members, and no one to sign them in."

As they were now 8' inside the physical entrance, "We are in, ain't we" I took my glasses off, and put then in my top pocket.

Mr. Glasses said "two can play at that game" and reached for his spectacles, as my fist crushed his nose, and his glasses! Liverpool was rough in the 60s!

They lost, big time.

Friday night, choruses of "Hi Mikes" cards in plain view!

The Cavern.
You had Bouncers on the door, and the inside, down stairs groupies.

Three of us worked the upstairs (meet and greet!, or hit) Larry Newport, died in 2007, Ex SAS, George Downs worked on the Buildings full time, huge man, and Me 78 YOA now.
We started most of the fights, you tend to loose the one's they start.

One thing you do pick up, and quick, the instant response! And the one I still have! Now! Instant startle effect to loud sounds! That's over 40 years ago.
Hands still might fly, if my Wife is threatened, me, I talk my way out of most things. Plus not out after 10pm.

Such a nice old Chap.
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I just re-read my last post here.

And it is quite apparent to me, that I have become an older, calmer person.

Looking at the way shoot outs, robbery's, etc take place in my City, Orlando.
Is in a way very random, but nearly always avoidable, just like when I was in my 30's in England, nothing much changes.

There seems like a time line! Nothing much happens till after midnight! So do not be out then! Certain areas, not good to be in, and no real necessity to be there, unless you are looking to score drugs?

So there is just a couple of common sense thoughts, and of course, ATM's after dark? Why?

But carrying a Gen 4 Glock 19, good night sights, extended slide release, a spare magazine (mostly for malfunction clearing) good flashlight, folder.

Always. Had some almost's since living in America, but no actual violent gun fights, do not really want one either, but still go armed, all the time.

Not carrying a pistol, precludes you being in a gun fight? Just the same as carrying one, is no guarantee you will be in one, does it?
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Thanks for sharing
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Nothing like re-opening a six year old thread that nobody commented on. All good and welcome.
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Poor ol guy was just rambling on an on,probable not with us anymore,R.I.P if so..

Just took a look an he would be 85/86 right !!
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