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Dang I feel lucky !!

Not only has one of the GREAT members here gifted me 104 pcs. of brand new Starline .44 S&W Spl. brass, I was able last night to score 100 225 gr. LRNFP bullets from Lightning bullet co. online for $15.

I also have a Lee carbide 4 die set winging its' way toward me as I type this.

So.....now I have a new handgun / lever rifle caliber to reload ! yayyyyyy
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Well i'm just all broke up about that mans rights !!
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Just adds to the idea that there are always opportunities to be had in a time of crisis.
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RP.....I'm sitting on components out the wazzooo. I think 1400 200 grain Hornady XTP's in 100 count boxes. New never opened. They are a dream with 7.0 grains of Unique.

Can't see me shooting all of them up. If you get in a pinch....let me know.

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No 44’s at my house. Plenty of 45’s if you need any of those.
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