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Problem with Reloads in Ruger SR9

I recently started reloading for my Ruger SR9 using Winchester SP primers, Starline brass, 5.5 grains of Power Pistol and Hornady 124 grain XTP bullets seated to a depth of 1.124" I've used Winchester 124 gr. FMJ bullets in it without any problem and have never had a jam. The first magazine of my reloads fed without incident, but after that they began jamming up as the spent shells were being extracted, not every time, but often enough to cause concern as I want to use that load for home defense if I ever need to. Has anyone else had that problem? Any suggestions on what I should do? Thanks in advance for responding to my questions.
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More info please.
Using a powder drop or scale every load?
New weapon?
New or old return spring?
New or old powder or primers?
New to reloading?
New or old dies?
Are bullets seating straight in case?
Any bulges in brass after firing.
Are cases stove piping or just partial extraction (stuck sideways)?
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Problem with my SR9 and reloads


I use an RCBS electronic scale that is programmed for my 9mm reloads and measure each load on the scale
I bought the pistol new 2 years ago and have fed various FMJ cartridges through it without incident
The return spring is the original in the gun
I bought the powder 2 years ago along with the Winchester primers and have stored them in a cool dry place. The powder was sealed in the original container and had not been opened.
I have been reloading for 15 years and have reloaded for my 7mm-08, 308, 7mm mag, 300 winchester mag, 338 lapua mag, 357 mag, and 44 mag and have not had any problems with my reloads
I bought the RCBS 9mm dies new from Midway when I bought the pistol
There aren't any bulges in the brass from excessive pressure and the bullets are seating straight in the cases, no dents or creases in the cases either.
The bullets are stove piping

Thanks for taking the time to help me out on this.
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OK I did some research and found that Alliant currently lists no loading for Power Pistol with any 124 grain bullet. I know they were having problems with Blue Dot and 124 gr bullets (mainly in the 357 mag). Whether the same with PP I do not know. I read on another board a guy tried 5.6 PP w/ 124 XTP and also had problems. I think 5.5 is to light of a load try 5.8 or 6.0, I have also had the same problem with an original recoil spring in the past.

Here is the data I have from my Alliant Manuals and from there old website.

The 2017and the 2013 Alliant load data book. Does not list load data for any 124 gr bullet using Power Pistol.

The 2005 Alliant load data book.

124 gr Speer GDHP
Power Pistol 6.6 gr max
vel 1235 34,000 psi.

This is from the Old Alliant website.

Alliant Powder Reload Recipes


Pistols and Revolvers

9mm Luger

124 gr Speer GDHP

Minimum OAL 1.12

Bbl Length 4

Primer CCI 500

Powder Power Pistol

Charge Weight 6.4 Max

Velocity 1,157(fps)

This link is for the latest website.

Alliant Powder - Reloader's Guide
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Thanks very much for looking into all this information for me. I really appreciate it. I used the 9th edition of the Hornady Reloading Manual for my information, and for their 124 gr. XTP bullets they gave a maximum charge for Power Pistol of 5.7 gr. of powder. I backed it off from their maximum load by .2 to be safe and to test that load out to see what it would do. Now I know. Thanks again for your help.
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A couple things I didn't hear brought up was, how do the finished rounds gage in the chamber. I use unique powder based on years of excellent accuracy from snub nosed revolvers and at 1.75" barrels they provide an excellent proving ground. I recently started reloading 9mm and 45 acp shooting for soft but reliable loads. I too found wide discrepancy's between older data and new even with Unique. so I started about .5 grains below and I only loaded 10 rounds up for testing. If any failed after ensuring proper chambering, I knew the charge was too low in that particular pistol. This is the way to work up softer loads. Good Luck!
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Got to say, if the older manuals lists something and the new ones don't, go with the NEW manual! There is a reason they dropped the old load, pressure spikes, changes in the powder, inconsistent pressure/poor accuracy/ other. Get some of really old manuals and look at some of the recommended loads, it makes your hair turn white! How those guns didn't turn into scrap is nothing short of amazing. With the modern equipment they are refining the loads and weeding out a lot of them as not safe, inconsistent or not efficient.
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I gave up shooting my SR9c because it wasn't grouping like normal and loosened up. The wimpy little rails don't seem strong enough. I banged them out a bit and just keep for carry. Never had jamming problems but failure to reset on some cast of mine. Never figured it out.
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I really love the ergonomics of my 13 yr old SR9 & it shoots pretty well. Only time I ever got a stovepiped case was with Clays powder & a 90gn Rem frag bullet (too light to cycle the action), otherwise I can't remember having any problems cycling with any weight bullet using Unique or Bullseye.

My only complaint with my particular SR9 is that the front sight falls off when the slide heats up. Sent it back to Ruger for their trigger recall some years ago & mentioned that in the note but they didn't even address it so I ended up shimming it with some foil. Hasn't fallen off since but I still don't trust it will stay put. Should probably locktite it.
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