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CANIK TP9 ELITE COMBAT Purchase gone wrong

I have never purchased a gun before and decided after going on line and reading to go check out Glock 19 second edition but the gun shop only had Glock 17 and I didn't like the way it felt in my hand. The lady showed me the Canik Elite Combat and I loved the way it felt and how easily it was for me to pull it back and release. I did not know anything about this gun, we went over it and she explained things about it. I purchased it as new (I know that it would still have been shot at the manufacture). As I get home and you tube the gun it was supposed to be sold with a Left turn threaded barrel. It did not have this barrel, I contacted them and they said sorry it was supposed to be sold with that barrel they did not know what or why it was not on the gun and they will have a barrel expedited to them to give me. I contacted Century Arms where it was manufactured and they said that gun with that SN was shipped with the thread barrel. And I that the barrel is not sold as a standalone and the warranty does not cover any work pertaining to this situation. They advised me to return it to the gun store and get the correct gun. The gun shop refused said I bought it as is but in emails stated that it was new. I disputed the transaction with my credit card and the gun shop threatened to file the gun as stolen with ATF and have a warrant to pick the gun up and I would be in possession of a stolen gun if I did not close the dispute and the money was credited back to them. The gun shop refused to take the gun back and said that when the gun smith was cleaning the oil off the gun that he mixed the barrels up and and he apologized for the mishap. I have this on voice mail and email. I had contacted Century Arm to get a new barrel and was told that it is not sold standalone. The stickers on the gun case has manufactured 8/2018 and shipped 11/2018 to someone with a user name on the end where it gives shipped date. The gun store says it was new from the distributor but has not offered to show my anything on the gun. My receipt of purchase doesn't even say gun just misc. The gun store said if there is a problem with the gun that I was to bring it to them not the manufacturer. But Century Arms gives a 1 yrs limited warranty to the original purchaser. I will be going through gun classes and get informed and trained. I feel like my first gun purchase as such disappointment. Paying full price for a "new" gun which I think is used which if I paid used price would be ok with me but as new supposedly, and not knowing what's going on with this gun. But, what is any take on this situation? It does have marks on the gun where you put the clip it the back paint is missing in some spots and the clips are scrapped and missing paint up down the clips where it comes in contact with the gun sliding in. I didn't get any paper work with the gun. There is black and tiniest metal particles when you put your finger in chamber and wiggle it. It that makes any sense what I'm saying sorry if not.
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If threaded barrels are legal in your state, then go explain what just happened to a detective at your local Police Precinct.
The gun dealer is trying to rip you off for the threaded barrel.
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Send it back for warranty work with a note for the tech to call you when he gets to your firearm. He calls, you explain, he grabs the correct barrel cleans it up and inspects the firearm and sends it back. Just curious but why are you not deriding this shop all over the internet as criminals because he is. He probably deals out the back door. Hell, you should be threatening to call the BATF and meet them at his shop! Never had this happen and I have held my breath on a couple of internet purchases. BUT I know what I'm buying, sorry for your mishap.
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