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lungi 10-01-2019 07:05

Need opinions Franchi Affinity 3
Hey guys, been doing a lot of research and wanted to get feedback from people that have the Franchi affinity 3 12G or know someone whos had one etc.

Any relevant info appreciated. Any issues? Happy with it? How long it has been or how many shells? Likely wont do an enormous amount of shooting but i want it to be reliable/long term, and after handling many guns it seems to fit the best.


Rapier 10-06-2019 12:04

I shoot sporting clays in competition, and go around the world wing shooting, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, South Africa, the US, Dakotas, etc. there are only two autos I will carry, a Benelli or a Beretta. I prefer the 391 Beretta, I have 3. As it has a wider loading port, hinged cartridge lock, softer loading and softer shooting, with a 20ga ported 30 Angle Port barrel. However some countries, like the RSA will not allow autos unless you have only the use of one hand.

My favorite wing gun and clays competition gun is a 30 ported 525 custom 20ga, adjustable comb Citori. If you get used to the O/U gun you can shoot it faster than the auto gun because of the reload time.

Last guy I talked to that carried a Franchi to Argentina or Mexico brought them back in pieces. He went to Mexico in another group, then we went to Argentina for 10 days together. I told him the Franchi would beat hell out of him and then die, he brought it anyway. He was shooting next to me, saw him crawling around on the ground, trying to find parts, first day. Then he told me it had died in Mexico also, even with less than a 50% per day bird count on a 3 day trip. He liked the gun for 12 bird per day US style dove shoots.

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