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A couple of Polymer 80 Builds

I have had the opportunity to shoot a few Glocks. In my opinion they have their pros and cons.

Pros: Their simplicity. Very easy to work on. Tons of aftermarket accessories and OEM parts available for very reasonable prices.

Cons: The grip. Complete deal breaker for me. Feels like I'm holding a turd in my hand. This is the reason I never owned a Glock.

Enter the Polymer 80.
They are a company in Nevada that makes 80% polymer frames with a grip similar to 1911 that takes Glock parts to complete. They currently make 2 versions.
PF940V2 This one is G17/G22 size. You can use this frame to build a 9mm,
40 S&W, or 357 Sig, depending on what parts you use to finish it.

PF940C This one is G19/G23 size. You can use this frame to build a 9mm,
40 S&W, or 357 Sig, depending on what parts you use to finish it.

There are many different colors and textures of frames for you to choose from. Frames come with a one time use plastic jig, drill bits, and and end mill. They run from $120-$150 shipped.
There are tons of videos on YouTube of people finishing their frames. Super simple to do. One guy finished his with a cordless drill, wire cutters, exacto knife, and a file. He built it on the tailgate of his truck an a shooting range, assembled it and fired it when he was done!
The frame is outstanding! So much better ergonomics than a Glock.
I recently built 2 of them.

PF940V2 9mm I used a black textured frame, A complete upper I got off of Ebay from 80% Glock that included a US made 416 stainless slide, a US made ported 416 stainless barrel and a US made upper parts kit. I used a OEM Glock lower parts kit with a DNZ polished 3.5 # minus connector.


PF940C 9mm I used a Coyote color frame, US made black Melonite 416 stainless slide from Swensen. A US made 416 stainless match barrel from Storm Lake. A Ghost Edge 3.5# connector. Glock OEM upper and lower parts kits. I also used a set of Truglo TFX Pro sights.


These things are so addicting. Once you start it's hard to stop I'm probably going to build one in 357 Sig next.
These guns are a pleasure to shoot! They are even more fun to build!

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I just picked myself up one of the not a Glock 19’s and a brownells slide... the frame has a great feel to it, I just started and already want 5-6 more... always wanted to do a 1911 too, but the jigs themselves get quite pricey!
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Those look good and your post is somewhat inspirational. I need to keep reminding myself I don't need any more projects.
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I’m waiting on frame and slide kits as well as a barrel and a gen 4 trigger housing. I’m stealing the ejector off the gen 4 housing it and swapping it into the gen 3 housing.

I went with an Agency arms black nitrided barrel too, think the flared barrel muzzle looks bad ass!

There is also the pf940sc... or not a Glock 26!... this is a very cool gun because basically it’s a gen 4 gun. It has a gen 4 slide and recoil spring... but still keeps the gen 3 trigger housing... you could play with longer slides and recoil assemblies and grab a few mag extensions to use 17 and 19 mags.
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didn't see this thread at first, I am going through the build process right now and am enjoying it. Looks like everyone is getting into it, barrels and lower parts kits are tough to find.
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