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Mozambique Drill

Another invention of the Rhodesian conflict era, this is a double tap to the body and then one to the head (just to make sure).

I saw a video about this tactic's origin which said the Rhodesian solder came upon a Cuban fighting on the other side with body armor at close range. He double tapped him but with the armor he did not stop until the head short which then and thereafter became the standard for CQC. I don't know why it would be limited to a pistol except maybe that a rifle bullet will penetrate body armor.

Mozambique Drill on Wikipedia

A 27 second Video
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Head shot will always end the debate. Tough to do until close-up, but if successful, works.
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I don't know who does this kind of shooting besides in the movies. I think it's strickly a training thing. In all my experiences either witnessing or my own encouters, any time a gun is fired is a headshot. I think in real life most people don't want to fire more than they need to to save bullts and to reduce the noise amount so usually if you were into that kinda work you will just train and be very good at doing one shot to the head and it doesn't matter if you are in motion or standing still cause most of those situations are close like within 50 feet or so otherwise there is normally a sniper for any long distance stuff.
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my mantra is aim small miss small and i practice 2 to the head 1 to the chest.this works well for me.never leave the house without your arms .
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The Mozambique Shooting Scenario goes back to the 1800's when the British had trouble with doped up local tribesmen on the island of Mozambique. Later on, when our troops had trouble in the Philippines with Moro tribesmen, our guys went to doing 2 to the chest and 1 to the head as well. The 2 + 1 shooting technique has been around for many years.

In Viet Nam, our guys would do a burst of auto fire to the chest and a burst to the head. That replaced the 2 + 1 shooting pattern. You would end up with like 4 or so rounds to the chest and 3 or 4 rounds of small bore rifle rounds to the head. Some modern day tactical police or SWAT type teams still practice the 2 + 1 shooting techniques.
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i'd love to bet 10 to 1 odds and big money against you hitting the head at 50 ft while you're moving, with a handgun and with no ear protection. I'd take every dime you have.
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Tactical teams practice this kind of shooting all the time and frequently use it in hostage situations. It works and has worked well for many of them since the formation of such teams going back to the early 1970's. The 2 + 1 shooting isn't hard to learn or do but the key is that it has to be done at close ranges or close distances.

SWAT teams deliver well placed shots to the kill zones in a very deliberate fashion, done in quick succession (double taps) and done at close range. You would lose your money to a team of well practiced police tactical officers every time.
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frankly, you're full of it. I shot at world champ level in IPSC for several years and nobody is pulling any reliable head shots with a pistol at 50 ft, while moving.
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I prefer the Congo myself!
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