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Beretta D spring/Wolf Gun springs spring

Actually, I ordered the next step lighter 16 pound spring from Wolf Gun springs and my gun is a Taurus PT92AF.

Alls I have to say is WOW! My trigger pull went to a bit more than half what it was before. I am not totally or sure on this but it looks like my local gun smith polished my hammer strut and hammer when he had the gun apart to cerakote it. He didn't tell me or charge for it but I can see where it has been polished.

It is not as easy to install as the Beretta though. I had to pull the hammer and drop the spring in from the top which also required taking the trigger bar out. I think this is due to the key lock safety being on the back strap of the Taurus. I found one video where somebody showed loading it from the bottom with the Beretta. The hammer was a bit of a chore to get back in with even the lighter 16 pound hammer spring.

I've had this Taurus for a long time and ran a few thousand rounds through it by now. It still has never ever failed to execute.

I only had time to run 1 mag through it with the new spring. I put a black silhouette at 15 and another at 20 yards. Every shot was in the head zone and that is something I've had difficulty doing with the stronger hammer spring. I'm not sure if the Beretta 20 pound standard weight hammer spring is the same for the Taurus.

I also run a stronger +P rated recoil spring in my Taurus because all my SD and some of my ball ammo is 124+P. I didn't want to chance running the weaker recoil spring and shooting this ammo as much as I do.

This is the only 9mm hand gun I have ever owned. I will probably shoot this thing out eventually and with the aluminium frame it will probably be better to just replace it. I have looked at a few full size 9 mils. I may pop for the CZ 75 SP-01 next time even though it is almost twice what I paid for the Taurus.

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