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LousyShot 05-02-2020 09:39

Ammo prices, then and now
Aboit a year ago, I was paying about 28 cents a round for Wolf Gold in .223. It is a decent non-ferrous range ammo. These days, I see the price has more than doubled from many suppliers.

I just started shooting 7.62x39 in a new rifle and am paying 46 cents a round for name brand (PPU or S&B) non-ferrous range ammo. What was this quality of ammo selling for a year ago?

What are your experiences with the prices on rifle ammo.

Rockys Pop 05-03-2020 17:31

prices are up again due to the corona panic....

non mean Iron free?
or do you mean Pb free?....maybe non cupric?

only thing I know of that's ferrous in most ammo (unless it's an AP round) is the primer anvil.

LousyShot 05-03-2020 17:34

Ferrous as in containing iron products, like steel. Ranges around here aren’t fans of ammo containing steel.

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