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Prvi Partizan???

Anyone here a long time user or fan of prvi partizan ammo? Was looking for some feedback on consistency and reliability. I ordered some 7.62x39 and .223 to try out, both soft point.

I know there’s better ammo out there and cheaper priced for high volume shooting and better quality for precision. My criteria was brass cases, boxer primed for reloading, soft point projectile for potential hunting opportunities, and finally cost. PPU seemed to be the best option when considering all those things combined.

Plus in the 7.62x39, they’re real screamers. Velocity tops just about all other offerings. If they’re reasonably accurate, there’s a good chance it will be my 7.62 choice. I bought the psp and rn. I don’t anticipate going with the rn but still picked up a couple boxes out of curiosity.
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SE, I've been pleased with PPU ammo. Like the Korean's (PMC), survival is a factor.

It is good stuff and reliable. Likely 2 MOA, although clanking a 6" gong at 75 yards is good enough for me...

Have never had a failure, and reliability is the number 1 requirement.
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The velocity difference between SAAMI and CIP loadings.
Have used PPU, and PMC Nato ammo never had and problems.
Accurate and clean shooting.
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Prvi Partizan

I had the same question a few years ago and after much research, including youtube videos and guys at the range I determined that I would have no problem at all with PPU, Fiocchi, et al for normal shooting.
These and others are much more available in Europe than American ammunition and they seem to have no complaints.
I wouldn't hesitate to hunt medium game like deer and casually target shoot with them.
For dangerous game and MOA and less target shooting, I would still want Premium American made ammunition. Yes, there is Norma, Sako, and Lapua over there but they are premium in price as well as quality.
Check some youtube videos on the different European and Asian ammunition and you may be surprised.
The most you have to lose by trying one of these is well under $20
Go for it and report back the results.
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Privi Soft Point is my go to hunting ammo in .303 British. Their brass is good for reloading. I have shot a lot of their Ball ammo plinking and never had any problems with it. I like it better then S&B ammo.
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