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Home Protection Choice

I am trying to make a choice for home protection, between a Remington 870 tac 14, or an AR pistol. What would you choose?
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I'd go with the shotty given just those 2 choices. risk of over penetration with the AR.
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cl, first of all, welcome to the forum from Central Virginia!

Home protection choice is very much dependent on your home: apartment versus single-family home with DISTANCE between homes, kids in the house, layout of the home itself (shooting distance).

If you're in an apartment, you really need to be cognizant of over penetration or a missed shot. A shotgun would be far more appropriate, but even it (depending on the ammo) will trash your next-door neighbor's room if you miss an intruder. Or a 9mm pistol or carbine If you are out in the country with significant distance between homes, an AR variant or similar type weapon (we like our Mini-14s here on PU) might be more relevant.

I'm not experienced with the AR pistols, but can't think they would be appropriate for what you are looking for.

A decent semi-auto 9mm pistol with training and practice would normally do you well. Should you want something a little more, consider something like the Beretta CX4 Storm in 9mm. That is what I'm considering, even though I have plenty of options already.

Whatever you choose, practice is key. If you aren't comfortable firing, you likely won't practice. Whatever weapon you choose does you no good if you can't hit what you're aiming/pointing at in the heat of a home intrusion and may endanger your neighbors.

Agree with Marlin, but that always depends on where you live.

Keep up with the questions!
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For home defense I have both an 11.5 inch ar15 SBR (w/ EOTech) that I load up with 75 Gr. Hornady TAP SBR in 5.56, and as a side arm I have an HK45CT, both firearms also have a silencer attached. The Hornady TAP SBR ammo has good results, with little to no over-penetration (what does over-penetrate will be moving very very slow).
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My choice is the shotgun. For my house my night stand firearm is a Sig P227, with a 14 round mag inserted. I feel confident with 14 rounds of 45ACP goodness, i also live very rural.
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What ever the choice make sure you practice enough and run mental scenarios of a forced entry or break in so you establish your shooting lanes. I got news for you, OO buck shot will go through a heck of a lot a drywall. Ammo selection should be tailored to the frangible type for what ever weapon a person chooses.
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i got a 140# rotty that takes care of my light work.
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I just made an AR pistol and I am gonna use that as my primary defense gun now insteasd of my handgun I use to keep by my bed.
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