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gunman42782 08-08-2015 17:55

Best 5 shot group ever recorded!

Marlin 45 carbine 08-08-2015 18:04

that's admirable. if my M30 and my bolt '06 held groups that precision I'd be happy enuff to just s*#t.

A/J/S/USNRet 08-09-2015 16:30

Please look up who and what rifle held that precision group since the 70's. Now think of all the advancements since then. Could be cause to purchase one of Mac's rifles, even if His Kid (I kinda have a Prejudice for those NAVY folks) is Ramrodding the Business Nowadays.

bobsull 01-18-2016 15:39

4 out of 5 on an 8 inch paper plate at 100 yds. Thats good shooting. We're not taking head shots on mice at this distance. MOA groups are overated. But if you're that good; great.

HB of CJ 02-24-2016 15:39

Very Nice Indeed And ...
Statistically one would need to shoot a 100 shot group to be valid. Just saying. :)

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