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do you realize how much trouble we're in?

when the unemployment checks stop coming, or the hyperinflation hits, cause we're just printing trillions of dollars, there's going to be looting and killing like we haven't seen since the Civil War. You've got at most a year, and maybe less than 6 months to get ready. ive put half of my savings into gold coins and removed much of my cash from the banks. I've always had at least 3 banks, for decades now, hoping that if one failed I could at least get some of my money out of them. I use only ONE card and i keep very little money in that account, unless i'm going to make a big online payment. Then I go deposit that much money, make the purchase and go back to having very little in that account. I've got the food, seeds, guns, ammo, training, and the wife is an LPN and knows that end of things. I live in an ideal area for avoiding trouble, just by moving 1/4 mile, and cutting a woven wire fence, I can be on a huge military base with lots of back roads, and within 10 miles in the same direction, i'm on a lake and a game
preserve, bison, etc. However, its all rocks and caliche, cant do what I'd love to do, which is bury everything in advance, so we can go to various spots on our bicycles. and access what we need. So we'll have to use the old van, with the roof rack, with me tied onto it, prone, able to swivel 360 degrees, with the rifle and night vision. She drives, with night vision and all of the fuses pulled for all of the vans lights.

We'll get within a mile or so of the actual BOL, start scatter-hiding the camo painted buckets as best we can, with traps and snares to prevent the critters from getting to them. Few critters can resist food just hanging in front of their noses, and they dont know about the treblehook that's buried in the meat, wiring them to a drag log. When they think that they are escaping, they drown in their own blood rather than rip out the hook,, but either way, they aint eating any of your food. Very cheap, quick and easy. Put out half a dozen such tidbits around each cache of a couple of buckets. with rocks piled over the buckets AMAP, of course and two layers of ratwire around each bucket, cause really, rodents are the worst threat to food, as far as animals go. There might be some bears around here, but i haven't heard about any sightings and once shtf, they'll be run by dogs and killed in short order.
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We're headed for something alright, but it is only a little over four months away...
wait for it...

Fear not though... it won't take all that long to resolve.
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Bye Felicia!!!
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the rioting that the meltdowns trigger THIS time.....will make 2016 look like a peace-rally
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Blessed be the Peace Makers.....for they SHALL be called the Children of God !
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We’re on a slow burn to the Chicom model. One party rule with only one ideology allowed. Just enough capitalism to support the poor and poorer with the winners and losers picked by the uniparty. As long as the poor and poorer have their basic needs met and a few toys they will be satisfied.
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“May God have mercy for my enemies because I won't.”
― George S. Patton Jr.
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What, no bitcoins? I'm disappointed in youse guys.
Stupid is as stupid does
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