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Krag rebuild for a friend

A good bud wants me to redo his cutdown Krag into a constabulary/school rifle. While hes a pretty good self taught gunsmith hes not a stocker so he gave it to me at our last cas shoot and said do whatever you want but dont spend much money. Got the lower swivel that bubba built removed, hole refilled and a correct Krag swivel inlet. Have a forend extension made and am just about ready to epoxy it on. I extended the lightening cut on the stock and cut one into my extension for a piece of 1/2x1/2 inch aluminum bar to reenforce the joint. Also recut the sanded out grasping grooves. I love my HF mini mill. Installed a lighter firing pin spring to make it easier to operate. Been playing with matching up the stock finish using Birchwood Casey red walnut and diluted light brown leather dye. Im pleased how good it looks, true oil soon. Next will be the handguard. Heres a before and a current pix.
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